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Fort Deen

Halo Wars


Fort Deen

  • Urban
  • Polluted
  • Foggy
Equipment on map
Preferred Gametypes
  • Skirmish/Deathmatch
Recommended Number of Players

6 players


Fort Deen is a multiplayer level in Halo Wars. It takes place at Fort Deen.[1]



Fort Deen is a symmetrical map probably taking place on a human-controlled planet. Both teams start out on raised areas on either side of the map, with two ramps giving lower ground access to ground units. On both side of the two areas contain a rebel base each, opening a new base slot if the area is captured. Both bases hold a one-way teleporter, which transports units to the bottom of the opposing teams area.

Four free base slots are around the center of the map, albeit not in close proximity to each other. Two sniper towers which activate shield doors parallel to the two bases are in the center of the map. Two paths around the outside of the map offer good scout routes, and both contain a forerunner building at their center.


Fully upgraded marines, can hold out for a long time in the energy blocker. Hornets can complement the Marines, hitting the enemy but staying safe behind the barrier.

Send your force to eliminate a side energy door that enemies have occupied. Have building killers go in a seperate direction.

Putting some units behind the teleporter near your base can destroy attackers quickly.

Aircraft can pass over energy barriers without a problem. This can surprise your opponent when you do a Hawk rush.




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