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A detailed image of the Forinthry brace.

The Forinthry brace (formerly Abyssal bracelet) is an item that prevents players wearing it from being skulled upon entering the Abyss[1]. The player still has their Prayer points drained to zero. This will cause the brace to degrade one charge. If a player enters the Abyss with the brace and unequips it, the player will still not be skulled.

Messages while the Forinthry brace is in use.

In addition, if the wearer is under a teleblock casted by a revenant, then they can still teleport despite the block. However, players cannot teleport past level 20 Wilderness even while wearing this. This brace may be used to enter the Abyss, or to teleport whilst under a teleblock spell(sometimes while teleblocked the charges won't be removed but the player is still able to teleport while wearing the bracelet) 5 times in total, before it is destroyed. It is to be noted that players will still be teleblocked if another player casts the spell on the player.

It can be crafted from a diamond bracelet, and enchanted with the Enchant Level 4 Jewellery spell. The brace is also dropped by Skeletal hands or Zombie hands.

The Abyssal bracelet was renamed to the Forinthry bracelet on 31 March 2008, in the Gnomecopters update[2]. It was subsequently renamed Forinthry brace sometime in 2009.


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