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Dr Who

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Series: Doctor Who - Short Trips
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Setting: London, 1906
Author: Joseph Lidster
Published In: Short Trips: The Centenarian
Previous Story: Testament
Following Story:



The Doctor meets his old friend Edward to say goodbye to him; he takes Edward to the TARDIS where he falls asleep. While Edward is asleep he has a dream in which a voice calls him into the recesses of the TARDIS to a tomb shaped like a Closed Eye. He leans against a stone staff for support, accidentally releasing the Master. The Master leaves the TARDIS and possesses various people until he escapes the Doctor's grasp; as the Doctor leaves, the Master is in the possession of a bartender's body.



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Doctor Who Reference Guide - Detailed Synopsis - Forgotten

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Guild Wars

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The Forgotten Gate Keeper, a member of the race of Forgotten
A stylized mural of one of the Forgotten in Ascalon City, replicas of the mural can be seen in Resplendent Makuun and the guild hall, Isle of the Dead

The Forgotten are a race of four-armed serpent creatures that supervised and maintained all of Tyria nearly 2,600 years from the present day in the game. Unlike regular serpents, they stood upright, used language, and had an elaborate culture.

The Forgotten Ones were brought to Tyria by the Gods of Tyria around the year 1769 BE to assist the dragon prophet Glint. They were to be the custodians, who instructed and guided other races in the formative period of the history of Tyria and maintained balance between all races. They were the keepers of knowledge and the teachers of all things.

With the arrival of humans in Tyria in 205 BE, the role of the Forgotten Ones quickly diminished as the humans mastered many skills, acquired much knowledge, and irreversibly broke the balance that had been maintained for over a millennia. The Forgotten Ones quietly withdrew into the Crystal Desert where humans never succeeded in establishing a civilization and slowly became a myth in the history of humankind.

The Forgotten can be encountered as foes throughout all the missions of Ascension and the Dragon's Lair. They are also encountered as NPCs that provide valuable experience in quests such as The Forgotten Ones and Forgotten Wisdom.



The Forgotten encountered in the game only have spell-caster professions, employing the magically animated Enchanted as their warriors and rangers.

Region Type Collectable Drop
Crystal Desert Monk20 Enemy Priest
Monk20 Forgotten Sage
Necromancer20 Forgotten Cursebearer
Warrior20 Forgotten Champion 1
Ranger20 Forgotten Avenger1
Mesmer20 Forgotten Illusionist
Elementalist20 Forgotten Arcanist
Forgotten Seal
  1. Unlike other enemies in this species, Forgotten Champions and Forgotten Avengers (those dealing physical damage) have the appearance of Enchanted, rather than Forgotten.

For a list of all Forgotten, see Category:Forgotten.


  • According to the Guild Wars Factions manual, the Naga are not related to the Forgotten, despite physical resemblance. One obvious difference lies in the fact that Naga possess one set of arms while the Forgotten have a second set that is ordinarily clasped in front of their torso.

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The Forgotten in the Nightfall campaign

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall.

By the time of the Nightfall campaign the Forgotten of Elona have been nearly wiped out by the Margonites, however there are also a considerable population of Forgotten serving as the wardens of the Realm of Torment.


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Marvel Database

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Team Template Team Template

Official Name
Former Members

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History of team is unknown.


Equipment: None known.
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Release date 11 April 2005 (Update unknown) edit
Members-only? Yes
Location Ruins of Uzer
Skill requirements No
Quest requirements No
Unlock hint Unknown edit
Track duration Unknown edit

Forgotten is a music track unlocked in and around the Ruins of Uzer in the northeastern Kharidian Desert. The track was released along with the addition of The Golem quest, although players can access the track without beginning it.

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