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Up to date as of February 02, 2010

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Series: The Next Generation
Writer(s): David Brin
Penciler(s): Scott Hampton
Publication information
Publisher: Wildstorm
Published: October 2001
Pages: 96
ISBN: ISBN 1563899183
Date: 2052/2375


Introduction (blurb)

The inventor of the technology that will give the Earth the transporter and the holodeck, caught in a web of betrayal, is beamed into space toward a dangerous rendezvous three hundred years in his future...

... as the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise tensely prepares for an encounter that may erupt in new waves of interstellar war, when the Federation can least afford it. What they don't need now is a distraction -- or another crisis.


Colin Blakeney, 21st century inventor of the technology that will give the Earth the transporter and the holodeck, is the victim of a treacherous attack that beams him out of his world... and into forever.

Three hundred years later, the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E spot a stray transporter beam in deep space. On their way to an encounter with the Palami -- a hostile race that may be preparing for interstellar war -- Captain Picard and crew have other things on their minds, but realizing there's a living being inside the wayward beam, they bring it aboard... and encounter a mystery for the ages!




Beverly Crusher; Data; Geordi La Forge; Jean-Luc Picard; William T. Riker; Deanna Troi


Colin Blakeney; Dafuf; Jane Doring; Harry; Johnson; Kuhlan; Pascal Leight; George Pimintel

Referenced only: Admiral Ch'ufftha; Admiral Chang; Jack Crusher; Wesley Crusher; John Doe; Traveler


Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class)

Referenced only 


Mount Thunder • San Diego

Races and cultures

Andorian; Human; Palami

States and organizations

United Federation of Planets

Referenced only 
Life Club • Global Transporation Consortium


2052; 21st century; Dominion; Global Transportation Consortium; holodeck; quarantine; Buck Rogers; San Diego Chronicle; Sufi; transporter; Supreme Court • arrow • sensors


Rather than being penciled and inked, the art in this graphic novel is painted and Scott Hampton is credited as the painter. There is a three page "sketchbook" of his work at the end of the book.


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Up to date as of February 07, 2010
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Official quest description: Missing person reports have been flooding in from Keldagrim East, but the Black Guard seem reluctant to do anything about it. Resources are stretched thin, but Keldagrim West is undoubtedly a greater priority for the Black Guard Supreme Commander. Veldaban refuses to subscribe to this opinion, but his hands are tied; can you help him to reveal the abductors' identities?
Release date: 9 September 2009 (Update)
Start: Speak to Commander Veldaban in the Black Guard HQ in Keldagrim West.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes
Items needed: None
Monsters to kill: Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer (level 100) x2 (Can hit up to 38 with ranged but has low HP and attacks slowly. Only one must be killed, the second just needs to be avoided.)


  • Talk to Commander Veldaban in the black guard building in Keldagrim and choose the option "Do you have a quest for me?" then choose the option "Let me help." to start the quest. After you see a short cut scene you will be taken to the watchtower on the outskirts of the city. Enter the tower to the North and go up the ladder. Go up the ladder again to the second floor and you will find Veldaban fighting the chaos dwarf.
  • You have to kill a chaos dwarf hand cannoneer who uses a hand cannon. The cannon fires very slowly (about the speed of a halberd), but can hit up to 38. Using Protect from Missiles is strongly recommended, as this will block the cannon's damage and force the dwarf to use a much weaker melee attack that only hits up to 11. A good strategy is to hang back a moment with Protect from Missiles on and let Veldaban engage the chaos dwarf first. Join the fight when the dwarf is at half health, and this fight is much easier. Using a dragon dagger special attack can kill the chaos dwarf quickly.
Veldaban and the player in the pub.
  • Pick up the Mysterious slip, talk to Commander Veldaban, and take the mine carts to the Grand Exchange (free rides). Talk to the Grand Exchange clerk to initiate a short conversation about the order. The clerk will hand you a Package. (Inside it has a Yellow stone, Green stone, a Rod, Metal bowl, a Turnscrew, a Metal rectangle and a Boot).
  • Now return to Commander Veldaban, who is now located in east Keldagrim in the Laughing Miner pub. Use the Mine cart system at the Grand Exchange trapdoor to access Keldagrim more quickly.
  • Go to the Laughing Miner pub in Eastern Keldagrim, where you find Commander Veldaban sitting at the table. Here you talk to him. Exhaust every option, you will have to go to the bartender and get him a Guardsman's stout at some point (Don't worry it's free) and then he asks you to take him back to HQ. He fights with the supreme commander then leaves to fall asleep.
  • After Veldaban gets drunk and falls asleep, head back to the south area of Western Keldagrim, and pass through the tower where you fought the chaos dwarf cannoneer.
  • Open the package and use the boot on the footprints to reveal a longer trail leading to the area behind the Dwarven multicannon used in Between a Rock... (Level 61 Hunter required; temporary boosts do work). Follow the trail South and then West to the south-east bridge. Cross the bridge to the West side. (If you are using Boosts, don't worry about boosts wearing off, as The Hunter is only required when you compare the boot to the footprints, when you do, the whole track is revealed instead of tracking where you have to continue searching for footprints.)
  • Use the metal bowl on the fire (the fire on the west side of the bridge) to put it out, and remove the bowl (Level 61 Firemaking required; boosts are possible). Closer examination will reveal a socket at the bottom of the pit.
  • Take out the rod and use it on the pit, and turn it (Level 69 Strength required; boosts are possible)
  • The secret wall will open to the West of the cavern, and you can pass through a tunnel. Go through the wall and across the cavern to the next doorway, and go through this as well.
  • Place any coloured stone in the control panel near the cart behind the cave.
  • Try riding it (you will need both hands free) and after a short ride a message will appear suggesting that you should get Veldaban to help. Before you leave remove the stone. Try to leave the cave. There will be two options. Select "Return to Keldagrim" and you will appear right next to Veldaban in West Keldagrim. Note: If you forgot to remove the stone tell the commander you have something else to do and then remove it.
What's inside the mysterious package?
  • Talk to Veldaban and ask him to come with you. Go back to the secret wall and through the cavern.
  • When you get back, talk to Veldaban then try to control the Dwarven Machinery. Veldaban will take the stones.
  • Get in the cart, and when the option comes up pick these.
  • 1 - Yellow
  • 2 - Green
  • 3 - Yellow
  • 4 - Yellow
  • 5 - Green
  • 6 - Yellow
  • 7 - Yellow
  • 8 - Yellow
  • You will end up on the other side of the platform, operate the control box and choose the option Pull Bridge Lever to lower the bridge. Veldaban crosses over.
  • Head South to the cage and open the door to free the captives. Talk to the captive just inside the door. Veldaban tells her to return to Keldagrim, and the captives leave.
Yes, the Red Axe is back.
  • Go to the south and turn the switch to open the doorway (Veldaban helps), then go through.  Re-equip your weapon.
  • Watch the cutscene of them transforming Brunolt into a Chaos dwarf, and in the middle of it Veldaban will cry out, attracting Grimmson's attention.
  • Run into the Grand Exchange Order Slips room behind you. You may want to turn on protect from range.  Watch out for the nearby cannoneer, he can hit up to 41 (turning on Protect from ranged will prevent this). Once inside, open your package and take out the metal rectangle.
  • (Sometimes Commander Veldaban will disappear. Exit and reenter the cave, and he will be waiting in the room for you.) Talk to Commander Veldaban, and he will reveal that Hilda was abducted and transformed into a Chaos dwarf. Go through the options, and he will tell you about the sorting machine. Grimsson will intervene and reveal that the cannoneer defeated back at the tower in Keldagrim was in fact Hilda, who was Veldaban's girlfriend. Use your metal rectangle on the sorting machine to stop it, and then use the turnscrew on it to unscrew it from the wall; you will then see a nice animated sequence of you heaving the machine over revealing an escape hole in the wall behind it.
  • Squeeze through the hole, ride the mine cart, enter the meeting room, and watch the cutscene.
  • Congratulations! Quest complete!


File:FOACDquest reward.png

I'm too valuable to walk around the damn office all day.


Let's kick some Chaos dwarf ass!
Damn the Red Axe.
  • The requirements for the quest were announced on 30 April 2009 as 41 Hunter, 54 Firemaking, and 54 Strength[1], then changed on 23 June 2009 to their final requirements[2]
  • There were many Development diaries devoted to the creation of this quest.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
  • A story has been posted in the Lores and histories section that describes events leading to this quest.[9]
  • On the day of release, the spoilers read "An order has been placed with the Grand Exchange and a spoiler delivery is on its way. Please forgive us for the inconvenience."
  • On the day of release, the hidden trapdoor at the Grand Exchange finally got its function; a free cart trip to Keldagrim.
  • The release of this quest saw the very first time that a following NPC runs. Commander Veldaban runs with you whilst he's following you.
  • The dragon pickaxe and hand cannon were released with this quest. The price of the dragon pickaxe started at 4,000,000 and the hand cannon started at 40,000 in the grand exchange.
  • The update releasing this quest also released an unannounced graphical update to all metal pickaxes and updated stab and slash attack animations.
  • In the quest, if one speaks to Colonel Grenda at the Battlefield, she says "ass", and during the cutscene where you fight the Chaos Dwarf with the hand cannon, Commander Veldaban says "I'm too valuable to walk around a damn office all day". This is harsher language than is usual for Jagex, but not the first time a character has sworn. In the quest Monkey Madness, King Awowogei used the word "damn" and one of Zanik's examines was once "She's kicking HAM ass", however both of those were later removed. However, during the quest Death Plateau, the trapped archer thanks the player by saying "Thank god" for getting the combination right and unlock the door, and this still remains in the game, and some sick Women in West Ardougne says "Get Me out of this Hell Hole!". Also, during the shades of Morton quest, there`s a "damn" and "damnation". There is a "Well of the Damned" during the Underground Pass quest as well.
  • Although 61 Hunter is needed to completed the quest, if you happen to have achieved 61 Firemaking before the required Hunter level it says that you have achieved all the skills needed to complete the quest. This also works in some other ways; If you already had the required Firemaking level and you don't have the required Strength level, and you reach the required Hunter level, it says that you have all skills.
  • Commander Veldaban hints that he may have gone through the same investigative process as you in Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf.
  • The newly made Chaos dwarf, seen before Veldaban blows your cover, is a level 1.
  • At the start of the quest the player offers to take Veldaban for a beer and a kebab. This is a reference to both the former Random Event Drunken Dwarf (who hands out beers and kebabs) and to Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf, as at the end of the quest you state that you fancy a kebab.
  • In some instances after the quest Commander Veldaban may be found following the player again after logging out then logging back in in the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield.
  • The Orange Flame company moved into the Red Axe's office the same day the quest was released, although banners advertising the company were actually seen in-game months before the quest's release. Their involvement with the Red Axe, if any, is unknown.
  • During the cutscene when Brunolt is transformed, a Gnome technician appears briefly. He wears very similar attire to Glouphrie.
  • Skewered kebab's work.


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This article uses material from the "Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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