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"Our resistance, 'The Forest Owls', will be forever known in the pages of Timber's independence! Exciting, huh? It all started when we got a hold of top-secret info from Galbadia."
The primary members of the Forest Owls.

The Forest Owls (森のフクロウ, Mori no Fukurou) is a resistance group trying to free the small nation Timber from the tyranny of the Galbadian Republic in Final Fantasy VIII. Run by a group of teenagers their headquarters is a yellow train in Timber. While there are about six members seen in the game the Owls are primarily led by Zone. Watts is a another member, acting as a sort of second-in-command, and Rinoa Heartilly is a top strategist in the group, nicknamed the "Princess".

The Forest Owls work together with two other resistance groups, the Forest Fox, led by an elderly woman, and The Forest Duck, with only one member.


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Newly-appointed SeeDs Squall, Selphie, and Zell's first contract is to assist the Forest Owls "until Timber gains its independence". With the inclusion of the three SeeD members, the group's first plan is to capture the Galbadian President Vinzer Deling with a risky train-swapping mission. After successfully having switched trains, and replacing it with a fake Deling, they discover that the President they've captured is only a double.

With the Galbadian army searching for them due to their attempt on the president the members of the group split up, with Zone and Watts pairing off together and Rinoa going with the SeeDs. The Forest Owls' train headquarters was eventually destroyed by the Galbadian army.


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