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Force of the Breaker (FOTB) is the 23rd booster pack released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and the 4th of the OCG Series 5 Booster Packs. This set, which includes monsters and support cards used by Jesse Anderson and Axel Brodie in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, marks the first appearance of the Crystal Beasts, besides giving a boost to FIRE-Attribute and several other older Deck themes. It also includes a number of cards connected to Continuous Spells; the form taken by Crystal Beast monsters when they are destroyed as monsters.

It also includes the Sky Scourges, three cards named Enrise, Norleras, and Invicil. The first two can be Special Summoned only by removing a predetermined number of Light/Fairy and/or Dark/Fiend monsters from the Graveyard, and possess variations on the abilities of the dreaded "Chaos" duo, with the third negating the activation of certain cards based on what type of monster was Tributed to summon it. Highly sought after cards include the Crystal Beasts, Volcanic Scattershot, Volcanic Shell, Volcanic Doomfire, the Blaze Accelerator cards, the above mentioned Sky Scourges, Raiza the Storm Monarch, and Gravekeeper's Commandant.

The Force of the Breaker: Special Edition Promos were two a set of two variant cards included in Special Edition sets along with two Force of the Breaker packs and one Invasion of Chaos pack.

The TCG version features cards from the Curse of Darkness Structure Deck.

Set Specifications
Image:JPN.png Image:SKR.png
  • English Set Name: Force of the Breaker
  • Japanese Set Name: フォース オブ ザ ブレイカー
  • Korean Set Name: 파괴자의 힘
  • OCG Set Prefix: FOTB
  • OCG Release Date: 15 February, 2007
  • Cover Card: Volcanic Doomfire
  • 5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box
  • Includes 60 cards:
  • Deck Box: ISBN 1-59945-127-1 | EAN 0-053334-537124 | UPC 0-53334-53712-4

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Facts about Force of the BreakerRDF feed
Deck Box EAN Barcodes EAN 0-053334-537124  +
Deck Box ISBN Barcodes ISBN 1-59945-127-1  +
Deck Box UPC Barcodes UPC 0-53334-53712-4  +
English Set Names Force of the Breaker  +
Japanese Set Names フォース オブ ザ ブレイカー  +
Korean Set Names 파괴자의 힘  +
OCG Cover Card Volcanic Doomfire  +
OCG Release Dates 15 February 2007  +
OCG Set Prefixes FOTB  +
Set Force of the Breaker  +
Set Release OCG  +, and TCG  +
Set Type Booster Pack  +
TCG Cover Card Volcanic Doomfire  +
TCG Release Dates 16 May 2007  +
TCG Set Prefixes FOTB  +

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