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A female Cerean Force Adept.
"One does not need to be Jedi to learn the ways of the Force. I suspect it cares little for our codes and philosophies."

The Force Adepts were an Imperial group of mysterious Force-sensitive Humans. They wielded red lightsabers and wore black and red-hued robes. The most powerful members of this group were able to use the Force Cloak ability.

The more general use of the term refers to Force-wielders of all species with varying powers and abilities. Some of these Force Adepts were known to wield Force Weapons such as quarterstaffs imbued with the Force, which inflicted more damage and were able to withstand lightsaber blows. This generic concept of Force Adepts depicts them with little to no formal Jedi training in the Force and often coming from primitive planets.



A group of Imperial Force Adepts were deployed on Bespin along with Darth Vader when Tyber Zann, Urai Fen and IG-88 tried to escape from the floating city with a store of Tibanna gas.

Two others groups of those adepts were stationed on Coruscant. The first group with their leader, a Master Force Adept, faced Tyber Zann as he raided Sidious's Imperial Museum. The second group fought Silri and her rancor as well as Urai Fen. All of these groups were defeated however.

3 Imperial Force Adepts face Tyber Zann on Coruscant.

Examples of Force Adepts

Force Adept Organizations

Valara Saar, Human Force adept.

Behind the scenes

The second group of Force adepts is the concept used for a class in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook. In Saga Edition the Force adept would be turned into a prestige class with specific rules (such as item imbuing), while an official guide for converting between editions suggested the scout class for the "primitive" variety of Force adepts.


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