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For the Federation is the fifth episode of the second season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



The Romulans have finally entered the war - on the Federation's side. In spirit of this new alliance the USS Swiftfire-A is joined by a Romulan warbird for an operation against the Dominion. The inclusion of the Romulans brings Lieutenant Karak face to face with an enemy from his past, while it gives Wing Commander Benton a chance to strike out at the Dominion in vengeance for the fall of her homeworld.

Memorable quotes

"The thought that having a Romulan Warbird involved would make any situation easier will take some getting use to."
Captain Werfel on the inclusion of a Romulan starship to their mission.
"They say that it is the most enchanted place in the galaxy, one of the must experience places for couples in the Alpha Quadrant."
"Who are 'they'?"
"The Casperia Prime Tourism Board."
--Ensign Bailey and Karak.
"I now call upon the people of the Alpha Quadrant, in particular the Federation, to contact your leaders and demand an end to the hostilities by a complete and unconditional surrender to Dominion forces. Together we can bring an end to this terrible war that has cost both sides millions of beings and bask in the glorious order of the Founders. Thank you."
Weyoun's closing statement during the Dominion propaganda recording on the conquering of Betazed.
"With all due respect, Captain. But what the hell are we doing here? We shouldn’t be making small raids against worlds like this we should be taking them back! As the person who planned this operation it was your duty to liberate these people."
Benton argues that she did what was right.

Background information


Amphlett, Megan; Armoured personnel carrier; Clark; Douglas, Jennifer; Elliot, David; Finith; USS Fury; Helmsman's Award of Merit; IRW Imperial Fist; Jem'Hadar tank; Leh'tar; Liberation of Nthony C; Malak; Molloy, Peter; Norkan Campaign; Norkan outposts; Norman; Nthony C; O'Meara, Isabella; Overcome Squadron; Rema; USS Renown; Scorpion-class; USS Sherman; USS Sparrow; Starfleet Starfighter Corps; USS Stingray; USS Swiftsure; T'Vel; Task Force 59; Thompson, Lance; travel pod; Vekkar; Vela; Werfel, Xavier; Yeltes

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