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Food Sanitizer
effects: increase HP gained from food items
weight: 7
value: 150
base id: 2D3A5

The Food Sanitizer is a special item that, according to in-game dialogue, will cleanse most food in the inventory of harmful bacteria, allowing greater nutritional gain. It is awarded after completing the optional Super Duper Mart objective of the The Wasteland Survival Guide quest, given by Moira Brown along with the note Sanitizer Instructions.

Use and Effects

Food Sanitizer has a passive effect on the player as long as it is in the player's inventory (WG7). While in the player's inventory, Food Sanitizer will increase HP value of food by 20%. Food Sanitizer has no effect on radiation rating of the food. (Player will receive the same Rad from food with or without Food Sanitizer).

Since it disappears from your inventory, the food sanitizer is temporarily disabled when you enter the simulation in Vault 112, when you are captured by Colonel Autumn, when you enter the Operation: Anchorage Simulator located in the Outcast Outpost, when you enter The Pitt, and when you are abducted by aliens on Mothership Zeta.

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