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The focusing lens was a key component in the construction of a lightsaber hilt. These lenses further regulated the beam of a lightsaber, allowing the blade it produced to terminate at a given point. Different types of lenses yielded different properties in the lightsabers that they were built into; in addition, like most other parts of these weapons, they required skilled craftsbeings to produce though often they were available commercially or even salvageable.


Known types of specialized lenses

Behind the scenes

Though most works that reference lightsaber construction use a more complicated method, within Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, much like its predecessor, the process is markedly simplified. For instance, lightsaber construction is confined to a few simple parts and takes only "a few hours" to do, while most other canonical sources state that construction can take up to a few months, with many more parts needed besides.


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