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Flood Thrasher Form
Biological information

several meters


Melee attack that deals significant damage


The Flood Thrasher Form is a Flood form seen exclusively in Halo Wars.


The Thrasher Form is similar in purpose and behavior to the Flood Tank Form, but larger and somewhat resembling a Thorn Beast. It is intended to quickly get close to enemy ground units, using a devastating melee attack to deal significant damage. So far, they have only been witnessed as a part of the Flood forces on the Flood-controlled Shield World.[1][2]

They appear as large, bulky creatures with tentacles that wildly thrash (hence its name) and walk on all four appendages. They attack by ramming themselves into units or by swiping with their front legs.

The appearance of the forms suggests that they are infected animals (possibly Arctic Beasts) adapted for combat purposes, for its modifications are similar to those of the Combat Forms.


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