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Flood Launcher
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The Flood Launcher is a Halo Wars Flood building.[1]


Flood Launchers fire some form of flood biomass (which resembles a dispersal pod) out of the hole at the top of the structure at enemy forces.[2] In the level Shield World from Halo Wars, they are used as an anti-air unit, capable of shooting down the evac pelicans for Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Platoon.[3] Unlike other Flood building forms in Halo Wars, it can be killed completely by conventional means, instead of going into a dormant state from which it will soon recover, in both Campaign and Multiplayer.

It looks very similar to the Unnamed Organic Tower-Like Form. Occasionally, the Flood Launcher's ordnance will release a cloud of Flood spores. Like most other Flood structures, the Flood Launcher is extremely resilient and difficult to defeat.


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