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Flood Dispersal Pod
Biological information

Flood Biomass encases one or more Flood Forms, helps Flood assimilation by spreading the Flood across a certain area

Known Species



The Flood Dispersal Pod[1] is a Flood dissemination mechanism seen only in Halo 3 and rarely in Halo Wars on the level Cleansing .

In essence, and in practice, the Flood Dispersion Pod is the equivalent of the HEV drop pods used by UNSC ODSTs and Orbital Insertion Pod used by Sangheili Special Forces. Rather than encasing its occupant(s) in protective Titanium-A and lead, the dispersal pod uses Flood biomass to shape the pod and protect the occupant from the stresses of orbital deployment.

Large dispersal Pods were deployed by High Charity as the Gravemind arrived with its army at Installation 00, scattering Flood forces all over the artificial world, delivering significant numbers of Combat Forms to the surface[2]. It is presumed that the Flood infestation was spread across the unfinished Installation 04 (II). It is also unlikely that the pods have a navigation system. Later, after the destruction of High Charity, more pods were used to deliver Combat Forms to the Control Room of the new Halo built by the Ark[3], in an attempt by the Gravemind to stop the Halo's activation. They are similar to the Infection Forms in appearance, but obviously not in size. It might be possible that an infection form evolves into a dispersal pod. Or the pods might simply be based on captured knowledge of Human Entry Vehicle pods and the Covenant Orbital Insertion Pods.


  • They are only seen in Halo 3 in the levels The Covenant and Halo. It is also unique for the Flood Dispersal Pods to come from the air instead of underground.
  • It is believed by some that the Pod itself is a triggered growth of a Flood, triggered by the Gravemind so they are not killed on impact. Due to the use of this skill, it could be explained that it is one time only, hence not making small shields out of it.
  • On rare occasions, a pod may land on the ground but will not open up.



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