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Flood Bomber Form
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Drops Flood Growth Pods on enemies


The Flood Bomber Form is an airborne Flood form and a Halo Wars Flood unit.[1] It attacks by dropping Flood Growth Pods full of Infection Forms on enemies. It is usually spawned through either a Flood den, vent or colony.


The Bomber Form appears to have an abdomen similar to the head of a Flood Carrier Form, and this is likely where they incubate their Infection Forms. It is also probably where they hold whatever keeps them in the air, probably a lighter-than-air gas, similar to Huragok. The front has a face-shaped appendage with two empty eye-holes. Because most Flood forms do not use eyes, but instead the sensory 'legs' on the end of the Infection Forms, to move around, it is likely this is a natural creature to the Shield World which has been taken over by the Flood and turned into a floating carrier. It is likely it was a floating creature already. Although there are many rumors, it cannot be an infected Huragok as Huragok are artificially created. It has two arm-like tentacles coming from the sack on either side of the 'head', and many tentacle-like appendages coming from the 'mouth'.


  • The Pain Train skull on the Halo Wars level Beachhead requires the player to kill 10 of these forms.[2]
  • In an issue of GamePro, it was mentioned that there would be a second flying Flood incarnation besides the Flood Swarms. This turned out to be the Bomber Forms. There was also a picture of the Bomber Form accompanied with the confusion of GamePro as to what it was.
  • Despite the unlikelihood that the Flood bomber form is a Huragok, it is possible that Ensemble overlooked this fact for another flood Airborne unit for gameplay reason's. Much like it was widely believed that grunts and jackals couldn't be infected by flood due to lack of calcium and or biomass.


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