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The massive Floating Continent.

The Floating Continent is a location in the game Final Fantasy VI. It was originally the island where the Espers lived.



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It was originally the island where the Espers lived. However, after obtaining enough Magicite and breaking through the Sealed Gate, Kefka and Gestahl had the power to levitate it into the air, also breaking the Esper World's magic barrier. They had immediate access to the Warring Triad, which was the source of Magic, and thus they would begin their "rule of two" throughout the world. The Floating Continent came to rest above the city of Albrook.

The party at the Floating Continent.

The party can, and must, attack the Floating Continent via airship, and it is well protected by the Imperial Air Force. Ultros and Typhon blow the party off the ship and onto the continent, where the party finds Shadow wounded. Shadow agrees to help the party try to reach Kefka, Gestahl, and the Statues. They must then navigate the Floating Continent by using the warps situated throughout it. At the end, they must face an ancient monster known as the Ultima Weapon who guards Kefka and Gestahl. After the fight, Shadow leaves. Upon reaching the Statues, Celes shows up. Gestahl gives her an opportunity to join him and Kefka in ruling the world, and hands her a sword with which to kill her friends. However, she stabs Kefka instead, who grows furious and absorbs more power from the Statues. At this point, Gestahl tries to stop Kefka from destroying the world. However, he cannot harm Kefka as he is standing within the field of the Statues, which absorbs all power coming its way. Kefka then summons the power of the Statues and uses it to kill Gestahl and throw him into the ocean below. Kefka then moves the statues out of alignment, causing the Apocalypse, which destroyed the world and rearranged its shape to form the World of Ruin. Shadow tries to stop Kefka, and distracts him so the party can escape. At the edge of the Floating Continent, the party can choose to wait for Shadow. If they do, Shadow will become playable in the World of Ruin. If not, he will be dead.


The summit of the Floating Continent without the sprites of Kefka, Gestahl, and the Goddess statues.

Monster Formations


Imperial Air Force

Floating Continent

The landscape of the Floating Continent.


Other Appearances

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Floating Continent.

The Floating Continent are mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

Theories once abounded as to what this mass of land might be. Academics have now settled on one prevailing theory: The Cataclysm caused a shift in the balance of subterranean cloudstone, allowing it to surface.


"Floating Continent" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - New Continent.ogg
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"Floating Continent", or "New Continent", is the background theme of the Floating Continent.


  • The Floating Continent is the only location in Final Fantasy VI where it is possible to encounter a Dragon, besides the Veldt on extremely rare occasions. Because Dragons are the only enemy from which it is possible to steal the rare and powerful Genji Glove relic, players tend to spend extra hours here to attempt to steal from Dragons.

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