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Float as seen in Final Fantasy IV.
Symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Float (レビテト, Rebiteto, "Levitate") is a recurring status in the series. Floating characters are immune to Earth-based attacks. It tends to be caused from the spell Float.




Final Fantasy IV

Characters with Float protects them from floors that would normally cause damage. In the DS remake, having the the spell Float cast on characters a second time removes the status.

Final Fantasy V

Float protects the party from hazards on the map and Earth damage. The Mix item Levisalve (Levitate in the PS version) casts Float on the entire party, and can be mixed for a Phoenix Down and Holy Water. Also, the Blue Magic spell Mighty Guard also causes the spell.

Final Fantasy VI

The Float spell causes Earth Elemental attacks to miss their targets.

Game Element Type Effects
Disaster Enemy ability Inflicts Blind, Imp, Doom, Silence, Confusion, and Float to one or all opponents.
Angel Wings Relic Automatically casts Float in battle
Float Spell Inflicts the Float status to one or all targets

Final Fantasy VIII

Float grants higher Evasion and protection against Earth-elemental attacks and magic. Also, when Minotaur and Sacred are afflicted with Float their HP regaining abilities are lost. It lasts for around 11.73 seconds.

Final Fantasy IX

Float makes the target immune to Earth damage. However, it also makes the character weak against Wind damage, and vulnerable to being blown away by certain monsters. A constant Float effect can be caused by Auto-Float.

Final Fantasy XII

Float allows the characters to avoid traps, as characters will float right over them. An equipment called Winged Boots grants Float to its user, and the item Float Mote also causes the Float status.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Float is a Time Magic spell learned from Time Mages, it costs 8 MP. It has a speed of 50 and needs 200 JP to learn. The accessories Winged Boots and Cherche both cause float, and the Movement Ability Levitate is similar to Auto-Float.


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