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Float in Final Fantasy V.

Float (レビテト, Rebiteto, "Levitate") is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It causes the Float status, and is generally used to avoid Earth elemental attacks in battle while avoiding floor traps in dungeons.




Final Fantasy IV

Float is a White Magic that costs 8 MP. In the DS remake, casting Float a second time removes the status. Rosa learns this spell at level 35 (level 38 in the DS remake) and Porom learns it at level 40, while Tellah learns it after Mount Ordeals and Fusoya comes with it initially.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Float can be used by Fusoya and Kain initially, while Rosa and Porom learns it at level 23, Ceodore at level 40, and Leonora at level 38. It costs 8 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy V

Float is a Level 2 Time Magic spell that costs 10 MP. It can be bought in the Phantom Village for 300 Gil, or found at Castle Surgate in a hidden passage.

Final Fantasy VI

Float is a spell that costs 17 MP. It can be learned from the Espers Quetzalli at a x5 rate or Cait Sith at a x2 rate.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Float spell can be Drawn from Gesper, Thrustaevis, and Blood Soul. Junctioning 100 Floats to Elem-Def-J grants 50% protection from the Earth element.

Final Fantasy IX

Float is a White Magic spell that costs 6 MP. The equipments that teach Float are Feather Boots, Lamia's Tiara, and Stardust Rod, and both Eiko and Garnet can use the spell. The enemy Yan also uses the spell.

Final Fantasy XII

Float is a Level 5 Time Magick. Purchased in the Eruyt Village for 2,800 gil, it costs 20 MP to cast. It also affects several targets in range.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Float is Time Magick License 7. Can be learned for 80 LP, it costs 16 MP to cast. It is can only be used by the Time Mage Job class. The spell can be found in the Tchita Uplands.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Float is a Time Magic spell learned from Time Mages, it costs 8 MP. It has a speed of 50 and requires 200 JP to learn.


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