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Fletchers are skilled in making bows and crossbows, as well as some ammunition for these weapons such as arrows and bolts. More advanced ammunition, such as Power Bolts and Burst Arrows, requires more skill and training than common fletchers normally have. Some of the NPCs listed below do not exclusively sell these items, but offer them in conjunction with their other equipment.

See also Shopkeeper NPCs.


NPCs that sell Bows, Crossbows and Ammunition

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Cedrik Image:Cedrik.gif Shopkeeper yes In Liberty Bay, North of Tavern, West of Temple.
Dario Image:Dario.gif Fletcher, Paladin Guild Leader yes Ankrahmun Arena (here), upstairs
Edoch Image:Edoch.gif Fletcher yes Darashia marketplace, here.
Galuna Image:Galuna.gif Fletcher yes Thais, second floor south of Thais depot at Harbour Street and Upper Swamp Lane, here.
Irea Image:Irea.gif Fletcher yes Ab'Dendriel, here
Perac Image:Perac.gif Fletcher yes Near west gate of Carlin on Theater Avenue, (here).
Timur Image:Timur.gif Shopkeeper yes Central shop on Fibula. (here)
Willard Image:Willard.gif Shopkeeper yes East part of Edron castle, second floor, here.
Xed Image:Xed.gif Fletcher yes Near the south-west gate of Venore, at the Ironhouse.
Vincent Image:Vincent.gif Fletcher yes Yalahar, west side of the main street, north of the depot, 5th floor.

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