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Flesh crawlers are medium level monsters found on level 2 of the Stronghold of Security. They are considered good training for players with combat levels of 35-60+. The level 28's have a maximum hit of 1, and are quite inaccurate when Mithril or higher is equipped, but when Steel or lower is equipped, could be a bit hard as they hit at a fast rate. They are considered a good way of making money in pay-to-play worlds because they drop large numbers of Herbs, including many high level ones. For medium-level players, flesh crawlers offer a good alternative to chaos druids, who also drop many herbs.

Their drops such as herbs, runes, and iron ores can be sold for a good quantity of money. Using a Ring of Wealth makes it quite common to obtain ranarrs and other high-levelled herbs.

Interestingly, they have the same examine text as all of the Kalphite monsters.

Another safe spot to range level 35 Flesh Crawlers
Players standing in this spot (stronghold of security) holding a halberd can fight flesh crawlers without being damaged.



Due to the high accuracy and speed of the flesh crawlers' attacks, food is a necessity for weak players if they wish to stay for an extended period of time. These monsters can also unnerve players due to their repulsive appearance. Conveniently, there is a fishing area located just outside of the Barbarian Village, close to the entrance of the Stronghold of Security. Salmon and trout can be caught and cooked here if a player does not wish to bring his/her own food from the bank. Players can cook their fish on the perpetual fire located in Peska's helmet shop, and also the two perpetual fires in the Barbarian Longhall. There is also a cooked meat spawn in the Barbarian Longhall. People up to level 60 in combat should bring between 1-3 lobsters or bass to heal quickly.

For members, a good strategy is to teleport to Varrock to sell your herbs at the Grand Exchange. Ranarr, kwuarm, and dwarf weed are worth the most coins. Players often clean guam, marrentill, tarromin for Herblore experience and then drop them, as they are all currently (as of 1/31/10) less than 1,000 coins. One strategy for cash-strapped players is to pick up any guam or harralander that players drop, as they typically sell for about 690 (guam) to 1200 (harralander) coins.

Flesh crawlers are aggressive against players of any level, but only for a 10-20 minute period after the player enters their area. After that time they stop attacking the player. In areas crowded with players, this can make it hard to acquire new targets, as the flesh crawlers will now attack other players. To make the flesh crawlers aggressive again, simply leave the area and return. Just exiting one door may not count as leaving the area. If so, exit through two doors and then return.

Flesh crawlers have a low combat level. If you are between the combat levels of 40 to 60, Flesh crawlers are a perfect source of exp due to their low max hit and their Aggressiveness. There is a small room with eight level 35 flesh crawlers in the Stronghold of Security, which makes them great for training at low levels. The level 28, 35, and 41 flesh crawlers can only hit a maximum of one damage, with the level 41 flesh crawlers hitting the most accurately out of the three and the level 28 ones being the least accurate.

These creatures are also popular for high levelled F2P players as well. Due to the fact they are aggressive and hit low, they are perfect for training without having to do much.

Also, a truly dedicated player can get one of four parts of the Skull sceptre.


These are some of the various drops that players can obtain from killing Flesh Crawlers on a Member's world.

The items dropped do not seem to depend on the level of the monster.


Weapons and Armour (Pay-to-play)



Herbs (Pay-to-play)

Charms (Pay-to-play)

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


1 - 2%

6 - 9%

1 - 2%

0 - 1%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 743 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

Drops of crimson and blue charms have been seen, but in much fewer than 1% of drops. Crimson charms are generally dropped more frequently than blue.

Other Drops

  • nothing
  • 1-101 Coins (common)
  • Iron ore (noted-6) semi-common


  • The examine text is the same as the text for the Kalphite Queen.
  • There was a Glitch that would occasionally happen to players who obtained one Un-noted Iron Ore from a Flesh Crawler, in wich a player could sell it in the Grand Exchange an Infinite amount of times, but only if they sold the Single Ore one at a time. This has since been fixed.

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