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Fleet of Furious Redemption

Covenant (Loyalist)


Several Ships


Battle of Earth, Battle of Mare Erythraeum


Prophet of Truth, unknown fleetmaster

The Fleet of Furious Redemption was a Covenant Loyalist Fleet. [1] After the Great Schism, it fell under the control of the Jiralhanae. One of its ships, the CCS-class Triumphant Declaration, was captained by the Jiralhanae Lepidus.

During the Battle of Earth in late 2552, the fleet joined Truth's Fleet in Sol System. The Fleet was sent to Mars and apparently raided the planet. They captured at least one prisoner, Colonel James Ackerson, then set course for Earth. Aside from this, not much else is known about the Fleet of Furious Redemption. It is safe to assume that this fleet was destroyed during the Battle of Installation 00.


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