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The party escaping after using Flee in Final Fantasy V.

Flee, also known as Escape and Smoke is a command ability in some Final Fantasy games that instructs either the entire party to run from a random encounter or a particular party member to run from that fight. It is usually associated with the Thief class. Occasionally, using this command will cause the party to lose some Gil while running. The item Smoke Bomb has a similar effect, as does the spell Warp.

Additionally, several enemies have been known to flee from the party, most notably the Cactuar enemies. Also, in Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, the player can use the Fear spell to force enemies to flee from battle.




Final Fantasy III

Flee, also known as Escape, is an ability of the Thief class. It causes the party to escape as soon as the Thief takes his/her turn.

The summon ability, Escape, gives access to the Chocobo's attack, List of Final Fantasy III Spells#Chocobo Dash which escapes the party from battle.

Smoke as seen in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Final Fantasy IV

Smoke is a Ninjutsu usable by Edge, which he learns at level 33 in all versions. It costs 5 MP in the DS version and 10 MP in all other versions.

Porom's Cry ability flusters the enemy and makes it easier to run away in the original version, though the DS remake makes it lower Defense instead.

The ability Smoke, which is the same as Flee.

Final Fantasy V

!Flee is a level two command ability for the Thief class, and needs 20 AP to learn.

Additionally, Ninjas have !Smoke, also known as Dustb, which is a level one command ability that functions exactly the same as !Flee. It requires 10 AP.

Final Fantasy VII

Escape is an ability used by the thieves of the game, the Bandit, Vice, and Prowler. After using one of the abilities Steal, Grind, Mug, or Hold-up, the enemy will flee the battle with the player's items or gil. The Chocobo also has an ability of the same name, that it uses when it flees the battle.

Report is another ability that makes the unit escape. The Turks, Turks:Reno, Turks:Rude, and Turks:Elena, use this at the end of all their battles, and are therefore never technically defeated. The Cactuar uses the ability to escape battle before the player defeats it. The Magic Pot will either use Report or steal an item with Gimme if the player does not relinquish Elixirs. The Ultimate Weapon uses Report in all its fights but its last fight where it is defeated.

Final Fantasy IX

Flee as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Zidane Tribal can use Flee as a Skill, and it causes the party to escape as soon as it is used, but the party loses Gil. The support ability Flee-Gil causes the party to gain Gil when escaping with L1 and R1. However, it has no effect on Zidane's Flee ability. Flee can be learned for 40 AP from the Dagger, Mage Masher, Zorlin Shape, Ultima Weapon, and Germinas Boots.

Final Fantasy X

Flee is a Special ability located in Tidus's section of the Sphere Grid. It immediately lets the entire party escape any normal random encounter.

Final Fantasy X-2

Flee is an ability learned by Thieves. It requires 10 AP to learn, and no MP to use.

Final Fantasy XI

Flee makes its appearance in Final Fantasy XI in the form of a thief job ability. This is available to all thieves starting at level 25 and can be used once every 5 minutes. Once activated, it will drastically increase the rate of speed a character can run. The player will increase in speed to about the same rate a chocobo can run in the game, but only for about 30 seconds. The run speed of Flee is just slightly faster than Chocobo Mazurka.

Escape is a Black Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI. Escape can be used by a Black Mage to remove all party members within range to a safe (or safer) location in a zone. Generally, this spell works in underground zones to take players to the surface again, but in many areas it cannot be used at all.

Final Fantasy XII

By holding down the R2 button on the controller, the active party can Flee from an area to safety. The command disables all Gambits and the party members follow the leader while ignoring any attacking enemies. It also allows you to move much faster than normal, though it isn't obvious.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Flee is a ability exclusive to Vaan's Job, the Sky Pirate. It differs from other versions of the skill, and instead of inducing an escape, it increases Vaan's mobility, allowing him to move farther and jump higher.

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Guild Wars

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Skill details
Campaign: Bonus Mission Pack
Profession: None
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: Stance
            30 Recharge

Full: For 10 seconds, you move 33% faster.

Concise: (10 seconds.) You move 33% faster.



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