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Also known as:
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lady)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Rassilon Era
Actor: Dinah Sheridan

Flavia was a Chancellor in the High Council of Time Lords, and later Lady President.


She met with the fifth incarnation of the Doctor when Borusa summoned the Doctor's other selves to the Death Zone. She was sympathetic towards him and following Borusa's defeat and entombment in the Dark Tower, the High Council granted Flavia the power to make the Doctor President of the High Council. The Doctor used his emergency powers to place Flavia in charge, appointed her Acting President, until he returned and then escaped from his homeworld of Gallifrey, escaping the responsibility of assuming the office of Lord President. (DW: The Five Doctors)

Flavia stated that "once again" she had the honour of pronouncing the Doctor President, a strange statement given that she had never said this to him before. Unless she was speaking figuratively, referring to the Doctor's brief earlier stint as President, presumably she referred to an untold adventure of the Doctor's. (DW: The Invasion of Time), although when Tegan asked why he was running away from his own people, The Doctor said "Why not, after all, that's how it all started." This could be the reason that he ran away in the first place

Flavia later assumed the role of President. When the Doctor was captured by the Committee of Three, his companions escaped and warned President Flavia of the danger. (NA: Blood Harvest)

Shortly afterwards, Ruath shot Flavia with a stunner to gain access to the Time Scoop. (MA: Goth Opera)

Later, Romana challenged Flavia for the role of President and won. (NA: Happy Endings)

Behind the scenes

  • The character of Flavia filled in for that of Thalia, who had appeared in the earlier story Arc of Infinity. The production team decided not to simply re-cast the role by using the excuse of regeneration and made up a new character. According to various commentaries on the Series 1 and 2 DVDs , Russell T Davies refers to the lilting female vocal in the musical score as 'Flavia's Theme'.
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