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Flatpack items are items of furniture built with the Construction skill, and are made at the Workbench in the Workshop of a Player-owned House (POH). The basic Wooden workbench can make any flatpack item level 1 to 20, while the highest level workbench, a Bench with a lathe, can make any flatpack item.

Un-noted flatpack items can be constructed without being in Building mode in a Player-owned house (you need a hammer!). At the workbench, the same amount of lumber, and optionally nails, is used to construct the item as if it were actually built at the hotspot in the house. Not all items can be made as a flatpack. Generally, chairs, tables, wardrobes and toy boxes can be made as flatpacks. The advantage of making flatpack items is that there is no need of going into Building mode when entering the player-owned house, and the item need not be removed from a hotspot to be rebuilt.

While tradeable, there is not much traffic in flatpack items, and they do not gain much money at the general store. Any high-level constructor may make the actual item for his or her house, while the low-level constructor may purchase something that they cannot actually build yet.

An example would be a level 42 builder adding a Costume room to his or her house, and then buying a level 50 Toy box as a flatpack from a higher-level builder. The level 42 builder may then take the flatpack Toy box into his or her house in Building mode, and use the flatpack on the Toy box hotspot and the box is built, even though the house owner is not level 50.

The most common flatpack item is the carved oak table. A player wielding a staff of air or better, carrying law and earth runes, a hammer and a saw, may bring 24 oak planks per trip into the house, building 4 carved oak tables as flatpacks in the workshop, earning 360 experience per table, or 1,440 construction experience per trip. The player then teleports to Camelot (or Seers' Village) to bank and teleport back, or uses a ring of duelling to bank and teleport back, or walks to the bank and back (easiest if the house is located in Yanille). Another option, when making carved oak tables, is to bring coins and noted oak planks and have a servant un-note them. The coins are used to pay the servant after eight bank un-noting trips.

After having completed all the tasks in the Fremennik Diary, Advisor Ghrim will buy your flatpacks and deposit the money into your kingdom's treasury, but will only buy them while you wear your Fremennik Sea Boots 3.

A player with a bunch of flatpacks outside the Taverley house portal.


Workbench types

Image Workbench Level Details
File:Wood_workbench.png Wooden workbench 17 Able to build level 1-20 flatpack items.
File:Oak_workbench.png Oak workbench 32 Able to build level 1-40 flatpack items.
File:Steel_framed_workbench.png Steel framed workbench 46 Able to build level 1-60 flatpack items.
File:Bench_with_vice.png Bench with vice 62 Able to build level 1-80 flatpack items.
File:Bench_with_lathe.png Bench with lathe 77 Able to build ALL flatpack items.

Flatpack items



Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Crude_wooden_chair.png Crude wooden chair 1 15 2
File:Wooden_chair.png Wooden chair 8 85 3
File:Rocking_chair.png Rocking chair 14 2 3
File:Oak_chair.png Oak chair 19 2 2
File:Oak_armchair.png Oak armchair 26 2 3
File:Teak_armchair.png Teak armchair 35 2 2
File:Mahogany_armchair.png Mahogany armchair 50 19 2


Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Wooden bookcase.png Wooden bookcase 4 2 4
File:Oak bookcase.png Oak bookcase 29 2 3
File:Mahogany bookcase.png Mahogany b'kcase 40 51 3

Beer barrels

Image Item Level GE Price Planks needed
File:Beer barrel.png Beer barrel 7 13 3
File:Cider barrel.png Cider barrel 12 11,300 3
File:Asgarnian ale barrel.png Asgarnian ale (barrel) 18 5,047 3
File:Greenmans ale barrel.png Greenman's ale (barrel) 26 10,400 3
File:Dragon bitter barrel.png Dragon bitter (barrel) 36 12,800 3
File:chefs delight barrel.png Chef's delight (barrel) 48 36,300 3

Kitchen tables

Image Item Level GE Price Planks needed
File:Wood_kitchen_table.png Wood kitchen table 12 2 3
File:Oak_kitchen_table.png Oak kitchen table 32 2 3
File:Teak_kitchen_table.png Teak kitchen table 52 2 3

Dining tables

Image Item Level GE Price Planks needed
File:Wooden_table.png Wood dining table 10 5 4
File:Oak_table.png Oak dining table 22 3 4
File:Carved oak table.png Carved oak table 31 2 6
File:Teak table.png Teak dining table 38 2 4
File:Carved teak table.png Carved teak table 45 291 6
File:Mahogany_table.png Mahogany table 52 295 6
File:Opulent table.png Opulent table 72 218,800 6

Dining benches

Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Wooden_bench.png Wooden bench 10 48 4
File:Oak_bench.png Oak bench 22 224 4
File:Carved_oak_bench.png Carved oak bench 31 5 4
File:Teak_bench.png Teak dining bench 38 101 4
File:Carved_teak_bench.png Carved teak bench 44 2 4
File:Mahogany_bench.png Mahogany bench 52 145 4
File:Gilded_bench.png Gilded bench 61 349,500 4


Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Wooden bed.gif Wooden bed 20 2,181 3
File:Oak bed.gif Oak bed 30 1,711 3
File:Large oak bed.gif Large oak bed 34 1,333 5
File:Teak bed.gif Teak bed 40 1,759 3
File:Large teak bed.gif Large teak bed 45 3,011 5
File:4 Poster.png 4-poster 53 1,865 3
File:Gilded four poster.gif Gilded 4-poster 60 198,900 5


Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Shaving_stand.png Shaving stand 21 487 1
File:Oak_shaving_stand.png Oak shaving stand 29 508 1
File:Oak_dresser.png Oak dresser 37 192 2
File:Teak_dresser.png Teak dresser 46 670 2
File:Fancy_teak_dresser.png Fancy teak dresser 56 447 2
File:Mahogany_dresser.png Mahogany dresser 64 822 2
File:Gilded_dresser.png Gilded dresser 74 71,200 2


Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Shoe_box.png Shoe box 20 56 2
File:Oak_drawers.png Oak drawers 27 108 2
File:Oak wardrobe.png Oak wardrobe 39 2 3
File:Teak_drawers.png Teak drawers 51 345 2
File:Teak wardrobe.png Teak wardrobe 63 45 3
File:Mahogany wardrobe.png Mahogany 'drobe 75 225 3
File:Gilded wardrobe.png Gilded wardrobe 87 67,200 3


Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Oak clock.png Oak clock 25 760 2
File:Teak clock.png Teak clock 55 1,401 2
File:Gilded clock.png Gilded clock 85 85,800 2

Cape racks

Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Oak cape rack.gif Oak cape rack 54 32 4
File:Teak cape rack.gif Teak cape rack 63 265 4
File:Mahogany cape rack.gif M'gany cape rack 72 133 4
File:Gilded cape rack.gif Gilded cape rack 81 112,000 4
File:Marble cape rack.gif Marble cape rack 90 316,200
File:Magic cape rack.gif Magical cape rack 99 862,300

Magic wardrobes

Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Oak magic wardrobe.png Oak magic wardrobe 42 212 4
File:Carved oak magic wardrobe.png Carved oak magic wardrobe 51 6 6
File:Teak magic wardrobe.png Teak magic wardrobe 60 339 4
File:Carved teak magic wardrobe.png Carved teak magic wardrobe 69 116 6
File:Mahogany magic wardrobe.png Mahogany magic wardrobe 78 199 4
File:Gilded magic wardrobe.png Gilded magic wardrobe 87 109,200 4
File:Marble magic wardrobe.png Marble magic wardrobe 96 244,500

Armour cases

Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Oak armour case.gif Oak armour case 46 50 3
File:Teak armour case.gif Teak armour case 64 105 3
File:Mahogany armour case.gif M'gany arm'r case 82 285 3

Treasure trail chests

Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Oak treasure chest.gif Oak treasure chest 48 63 2
File:Teak treasure chest.gif Teak treas' chest 66 336 2
File:Mahogany treasure chest.gif M'gany treas' chest 84 252 2

Costume boxes

Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Oak fancy dress box.gif Oak costume box 44 124 2
File:Teak fancy dress box.gif Teak costume box 62 275 2
File:Mahogany fancy dress box.gif Mahogany cos box 80 241 2

Toy boxes

Image Item Level GE Price Planks Needed
File:Oak toy box.gif Oak toy box 50 97 2
File:Teak toy box.gif Teak toy box 68 422 2
File:Mahogany toy box.gif Mahogany toy box 86 156 2

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