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Flash (Fallout 3)
race: Human
affiliation: Big Town
role: Resident of Big Town
location: Big Town
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Big Trouble in Big Town
karma: Neutral
base id: 0002796B
ref id: 0002802A

Flash is one of the citizens of Big Town in 2277.



Flash is overconfident and filled with thoughtless bravado. Unfortunately, he has only limited skills to back this up. Flash however does not care and is enthusiastic about any fracases to come.


Flash is friends with the people at Big Town and is at a good standing with them. Flash was in a relationship with Bittercup for some time. He claims he believed a girl like her would be, "you know, more adventurous." However she only talked about how much she hated everyone and how dark her clothes were. According to Flash, "A guy can only take so much of that before he snaps." Flash has some sympathy for Pappy, who was also a former boyfriend of Bittercup, stating that he got the worst of it and appeared to become more depressed after their separation.

Daily schedule

Flash hangs around Big Town doing what he can for the day.

Interactions with the player character

He asks the player to go alleviate the hostage crisis, which sends the player to the Germantown Police HQ. He continually boasts about his "kick-ass gun," although it is not unique, and just a standard .32 Pistol.

If the player threatens him he'll say, "Hey buddy, suck my brahmin meat. We're all super mutants here." If the player continues threatening him he'll say, "Hey, take it easy, I was only joking. None of us have any real experience with guns."

Also when the player first talks to him when starting the quest "Big Trouble in Big Town" there is a choice where the player can kill him. Beware, if the player chooses this the whole town will become hostile towards the player.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Brahmin-Skin Outfit .32 Pistol - -


Flash appears only in Fallout 3.


Big Town

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