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Flare Star as seen in the Advance remake of Final Fantasy VI.

Flare Star (フレア スター Furea Sutā) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It is an upgraded version of the already powerful Flare, and is exclusive to antagonists.




Final Fantasy VI

Flare Star deals damage equal to the level of the lowest ally character times eighty (Meaning peak damage, when used at level 99 would be somewhere around 7920 damage), divided by the number of characters in the party to all opponents. It is Fire-elemental, unblockable, and ignores Defense and Split Damage. Monsters such as Gorgimera, Guardian, Io, Ultima Weapon, and the Red Dragon will cast Flare Star. It should also be noted that Gau can use Flare Star when using the Io Rage.

Final Fantasy IX

In addition to the devastating Ultima, Kuja has the Flare Star spell, which he uses at Pandemonium and as Trance Kuja in the Crystal World. Flare Star deals intense non-elemental damage to all allies and ignores the Reflect status. At Castle Pandemonium, Kuja will pull out this spell when his MP is damaged or when a party member is protected with Reflect. In Trance Form, he casts Flare Star without warning and without mercy. However, the formula is different to the Flare Star on Final Fantasy VI. This attack hits each character by their individual level, multiplied by forty, so it would hit a level fifty character for 2,000, a level sixty character by 2,400, and so on. This is particularly dangerous against Trance Kuja, where naturally, the character's levels will all be very high, due to the boss being in the final dungeon.

The only other enemy that can use Flare Star in Final Fantasy IX is Ozma.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Flare Star is one of Kuja's HP attacks, in which he summons a large fireball in front of him, which splits into fireballs that fly into the air and slam back down, creating an explosion. If the opponent is hit with one of the fireballs, they are immobilized at the center of their striking point until the attack completes.

Ultima Weapon also casts Flare Star when summoned, which causes a sure Bravery break on the opponent after a period of time.


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