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Flan are a species of monster Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Amorphous, sludgy creatures, they are proficent in MP and Defense, but are very sensitive to magic spells, especially those of an element that the Flan is weak to. In addition to their Metamorphosis skillset, Flan may also learn several Black Magic spells that correspond to their element. For example, some Yellow Jelly will know Thundara. The White Pudding, on the other hand, will learn Arcane Magick spells and often have Ribbon-bearer to match the ribbon on its sprite.



Red Marshmallow
This gelatinous red monster absorbs fire.

Ice Flan
This gelatinous blue monster absorbs ice.

Yellow Jelly
This gelatinous yellow monster absorbs lightning.

White Pudding
This gelatinous pink monster is resistant to both physical and magickal attacks.

A curious monster possessed of both an incredibly malleable body and piercing intellect. Rather fond of pretty girls.


Monster Move Jump Evasion Resilience Weak Half Null Absorb
Red Marshmallow 3 2 0 60 Ice - - Fire
Ice Flan 3 2 0 60 Fire - - Ice
Yellow Jelly 3 2 0 60 Water - - Lightning
White Pudding 3 2 0 60 Holy, Dark - All except Holy, Dark -




Flans use their own fludic bodies to heal allies and attack foes.

Ability MP Range Effect Red Marshmallow Ice Flan Yellow Jelly White Pudding Orthros
Unction* 8 4 Inflicts Oil debuff Yes No No No No
Merge - 1 KO's self to fully restore target's HP Yes Yes Yes No No
Acid - 3 Inflicts Slow, Petrify, Disable, Immobilize, or Stop Yes Yes Yes No No
Simper - 1 Inflicts Charm No No No Yes Yes
Menace - 1 Inflicts Toad and Silence No No No Yes No

*Denotes a Blue Magic skill.

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