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Flames of Zamorak
File:Flames of Zamorak icon.png
Members only? Yes
Level 60
Runes 4 Fire
1 Air
2 Blood
Spellbook Normal
Experience 35+
Quest Mage Arena
Lectern None

The Flames of Zamorak spell requires 60 Magic to cast and can do a maximum of 20 damage per spell, or 30 when the Charge spell is in effect. If using an extreme magic potion this increases to 36 damage with Charge or 28 without. Flames of Zamorak lowers the target's Magic level by 5. As of the 2nd September 2009, this spell, along with Saradomin Strike, can now be autocasted.

Players must complete the Mage Arena minigame and be wielding a Zamorak staff before they are able to use this spell. Players can also buy the staff from the staff merchant for 80,000 coins, or chose it for free at the end of the minigame. It's worth noting that the player's magic defence is based on their magic level allowing you to hit slightly more often.

Flames of Zamorak.

Contrary to popular belief, Flames of Zamorak does not hit any harder than the other god spells. However, it is one of the highest hitting spells in the regular spellbook, and when used with Charge it ties with the amount of damage the spell Ice Barrage can hit (Without a staff). Like all God spells this spell needs a God staff. That means you can't use another staff that gives unlimited kinds of runes. You have to buy or craft all the runes needed. It can be autocasted.

On the update of 17 November, 2009, the same spellbook gained the spell Fire Surge, which also hits 30 when using a max hit boosting staff. God spells remain a cheaper alternative with lower requirements.

Flames of Zamorak costs 648 coins for each cast, not counting the cost of a Zamorak staff.

It should be noted that players cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if they are using regular Magic.


  • Before a fix on 10 January 2007, the Magic level of the target would remain unchanged if the target's Magic level was above or below the normal level (such as after using a Magic potion).
  • Before the 10 December updates, Flames of Zamorak was quite popular while staking in the Duel Arena in Magic-only duels, as it could lower the opponents Magic level by 5. This would disable the opponents ability to cast spells that are less than 5 levels below their normal Magic level, thus sometimes handing the duel over to the person casting Flames of Zamorak.


  • During Wanted!, the mad-mage Solus Dellagar can hit up to 96 damage with this spell (depending on the player's maximum health), but can never kill the player as Savant uses her powers to defend the player.
  • When trying to bare handedly steal the wine of Zamorak, the spell will be used on, and will slightly damage the player; it is believed that the spell is used by the monks, or Zamorak himself.

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