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Flamethrower Fuel or Flamer Fuel is a type of ammunition that appears in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout Tactics, and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. A cylinder containing an extremely flammable liquid fuel for flamethrowers.


Fallout and Fallout 2

Flamethrower Fuel
ammo type: Flamethrower Fuel
capacity: 10
AC modifier: -20
DR modifier: 25
damage modifier: 1
used in: Flamer
weight: 10
value: 250$

Weapons using this ammunition

An enhanced version also exists. See: Flamethrower Fuel MKII

Fallout 3

Flamer Fuel
used in: Flamer
Heavy Incinerator
Slo-Burn Flamer
Rapid-Torch Flamer
weight: 0
value: 1
base id: 00029371

Flamer Fuel is quite rare. Very few enemies carry Flamers, except for some Raiders. Therefore, Flamer Fuel is mostly found in Ammunition Boxes scattered throughout the Wasteland or at shops, where it can be found in low quantities (usually around 20). The Mr. Handy and Mr. Gutsy robot models also drop Flamer Fuel. Very rarely, flamer fuel may be found on dead Super Mutant Behemoths.

With the Scrounger perk, availability is dramatically increased. With 10 luck (most feasible through the Almost Perfect perk and the Bobblehead, or a base luck of 7 plus Lucky Shades, the Luck Bobblehead and the Lucky 8 Ball) and this perk, Ammunition Boxes will virtually never contain less than 100 units of fuel, and often will contain as much as 130.

With the Broken Steel add-on, Flamer Fuel can also be found on Enclave Hellfire Troopers. The Hellfire Troopers appear more frequently at higher levels.

Weapons using this ammunition


  • The actual "loose" ammo canisters, as seen in the picture, are mounted on either side of the the Flamer backpack.
  • In the containers near the Burnmaster is where a massive amount of the ammo can be found.
  • While most fuels were depleted during the Resource Wars, it would still be possible to make flamethrower fuel in the post war conditions. As seen with the flamer's short and wide spread, the fuel used is likely a form of vegetable oil and could even be mixed with napalm, a substance that can also be made even without conventional petrol.

Fallout Tactics

Flamethrower Fuel
ammo type: Flamethrower Fuel
capacity: 1
penetration: +20%
damage: +0%
used in: Flamer
weight: 2
value: n/a

Description: A cylinder containing an extremely flammable liquid fuel for flamethrowers.

Weapons using this ammunition

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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