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Flamefeather is a Decepticon Firecon from the Generation One continuity family.
"Here, shake my hand so I can punch you in the face. Repeatedly. It'll be fun."

In an army populated by inadequate and crazed warriors like Misfire and Fangry, Flamefeather is still the worst of them all. He was actually thrown out of the Decepticon Military Academy for being too violent. Normally that's like Wreck-Gar throwing out a Junkion who talk too much TeeVee, but in this case it was warranted. Flamefeather's lust for destruction supercedes all other concerns like discipline, orders, or the difference between insignias. He was only let into the Decepticons because his instructors figured he'd get himself killed and solve their problem. Countless battles later, he's still here somehow.




Marvel Comics Continuity

Generation One

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Generation 2


Generation One

  • Flamefeather (Firecon, 1988)
Flamefeather transforms from a robot to a bipedal bird monster thing. In this mode, his rear limbs can be swung up, allowing him to be rolled forward on the rubber gear-wheel on his belly. This activates the Firecon team's gimmick, shooting "cold" sparks from their beast-mode mouths.
This toy was released without changes in Masterforce as the Sizzle-type Sparkdash drone.

Generation 2

  • Flamefeather (Firecon, 1994)
Flamefeather was redecoed and re-released as part of the European Generation 2 toyline, in really garish colors. He of course retained his cold-spark-spitting gimmick.


  • All of the Sparkabot/Firecon molds have indentions on their beast-mode legs seemingly meant for a rubsign. But both Hasbro and Takara stopped using rubsigns after 1987, so the spaces are "filled" with normal faction sigil decals.

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