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The Flame Bute as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Flame Bute, also known as FireLash, Flame Whip, or Flame Mace, is a recurring weapon in the series. It is usually a high-level, Fire-elemental whip, though on one occasion its been a Mace. It is usually a favorite of Summoners and Beastmasters, and will sometimes cast Firaga when attacking with it, depending on the game.




Final Fantasy IV

Rydia wielding the Flame Whip in the DS remake.

The Fire Whip, or Flame Bute, is the third strongest whip for Rydia as of the Advance release. It is found in the Lunar Subterrane, has an Attack of 50, Accuracy of 15, is Fire-elemental, and inflicts Paralyze when attacking with it.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Fire Whip is a weapon found in the Subterrane of the True Moon, and its stats are the same as they are in Final Fantasy IV. It is a high ranked whip and is only surpassed by a few, such as the Mystic Whip.

Final Fantasy V

The Fire Lash, or Flame Bute, is the Whip Sealed Weapon, and is the second strongest whip in the game, next to Dragon Beard. It has an Attack of 79, is Long Ranged, increases Speed and Vitality by 2, and may cast Firaga after attacking with it.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Flame Whip only appears in the PSX version of Tactics, while in the re-release it is renamed Flame Mace. It is the second weakest Mace in the game, and can be bought for 4,000 gil during Chapter 2. It has an Attack of 11, is Fire-elemental, and may cast Fira after attacking with it. It can only be used by Squire and Ninjas.

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