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This article is about the evil Autobot scientist. For the Motorvator, see Flame (Motorvator).
Flame is a renegade Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.
No, I am not called Rodimus.

Flame is a disgraced Autobot scientist. He is extremely intelligent, yet totally deranged. He transforms into a Cybertronian tank with a high-powered flame thrower and has a very fetching red, yellow and orange colour scheme.




Marvel Comics UK continuity

Millions of years ago, Flame was a member of the Iacon Academy of Science and Technology on Cybertron. Flame proposed adapting Megatron's plan—turning Cybertron into a mobile war world—so that it would instead become a mobile spaceship for exploration. Emirate Xaaron spoke out against the plan, as the fusion reactor required would be highly dangerous.

Flame was removed from the academy and denied funds to continue his research. However, he embezzled money from the academy and continued his research in an old lab in the city of Kalis.

One day he was careless and the lab was destroyed in an explosion. The Autobots thought Flame was dead but in reality he had survived and discovered that the explosion uncovered the entrance to the experimental engines that Megatron had built.

Flame spent all his time attempting to repair the engines ready for firing, thereby proving that he was right all along. Millions of years, later a massive explosion, caused by the venting of the fusion reactor, devastated the city of Kalis and the Autobot headquarters that had been built there.

Soon, the base was attacked by zombie transformers—corpses reanimated by Flame's computer. Wanting an audience to see him proved right, Flame kidnapped all of the surviving Autobots, including Emirate Xaaron and the Wreckers. Legion of the Lost!

Flame planned to fire the fusion engines and set Cybertron on course through the cosmos, much to Xaaron's dismay. Flame and Xaaron began to fight, but Flame proved too strong.

The fusion engines became dangerously unstable and were moments from going to critical meltdown, but Flame would still not listen to reason. At the last minute, the reanimated corpse of the former Wrecker leader, Impactor, arrived and killed Flame after regaining his former memories. He then sacrificed himself again, being destroyed by radiation as he shut down the reactor. Meltdown!


Flame apparently spent the better part of four million years working on Megatron's fusion reactor. This either makes him very conscientious or somewhat incompetent.

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