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In the event of a large-scale battle involving multiple ships on both sides, a fleet's flagship acts as a general for the other ships, directing their actions during battle. Essentially, a flagship in Starfleet or any other fleet plays the same role as a flagship in a naval battle.


Notable flagships

Klingon Empire

Romulan Star Empire

United Federation of Planets


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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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A Flagship is a ship that commands operations in a Fleet, not just a classification of ship and can sometimes even be an orbital platform. It can be any warship and is not restricted to any particular classification. This is the ship that houses the Commander of the Fleet/Armada/Battlegroup.



It is possible that Battlecruisers and Carriers are usually the Flagships of a Fleet or smaller unit structure.

Known Flagships



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ST Expanded

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A flagship is a term referring to vessel commanded by a flag officer (an Admiral or similar). Typically it refers to a vessel that is also in command of other vessels, though it can just refer to a lone vessel under the command of a flag officer.

In rare cases flagship can refer to a vessel that is equipped with the most advanced technology and the finest crew, a vessel that represents an organisation as a whole. This use of the term was often applied to the USS Enterprise-D and continued with the USS Enterprise-E, despite the lack of a flag officer in command of either vessel.


Known flagships


Cardassian Union

Federation Starfleet

Klingon Empire

Romulan Star Empire


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This article uses material from the "Flagship" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A flagship was the primary command ship in a commander's fleet of ships and the one that the commander was aboard. As a result, both for the safety of the ranking officer and possibly for intimidation, the flagship was usually the most powerful ship available in the fleet, such as a Super Star Destroyer. However, it is interesting to note that this was not always the case, as Thrawn was known to have ships larger than an Imperial Star Destroyer in his fleet, yet made the Star Destroyer Chimaera his flagship. Similarly, Admiral Ackbar has never been recorded in commanding the Lusankya despite his position as commander of the New Republic Defense Force for many years, and Garm Bel Iblis commanded his old Dreadnaught Peregrine for years after joining the New Republic, despite its smaller size and firepower.

The flagship, such as Home One to the Alliance fleet in 3 ABY, was considered the command ship of the entire fleet. Significantly, a flagship could easily be changed in the middle of a deployment or even a battle, as the primary definition of a flagship was the ship that had the highest ranking command officer onboard, making it the command ship for the fleet. However, starfighters and other smaller ships such as the Millennium Falcon, even when carrying the highest ranked member of the fleet, were not usually considered flagships.

While throughout galactic history, flagships have traditionally been powerful battleships capable of slagging any other ship in combat, the New Republic and the Ssi-Ruuk developed different strategies in the use of starfighter carriers as flagships, such as the Endurance-class fleet carrier in the New Class. This was due to the more prevalent roles that starfighters played in the New Republic and Ssi-ruu navies respectively.


Famous flagships in chronological order

Sith Empire

Brotherhood of the Sith

Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War

Sith Triumvirate

New Sith Empire / Brotherhood of Darkness

Stark Commercial Combine

Chiss Ascendancy

Galactic Republic

House Pelagia

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Trade Federation


Xim the Despot's Empire

Zann Consortium

Hapes Consortium

Galactic Empire

Imperial Remnant

Fel Empire / Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire

Alliance to Restore the Republic / Alliance of Free Planets / New Republic / Galactic Federation of Free Alliances

Ssi-ruuvi Imperium

Hiromi Empire

Tof fleet

Duskhan League

Yuuzhan Vong Empire

The Colony (Under the influence of the Dark Nest)

Five Worlds

Talon Karrde


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  • Star Wars: Rebellion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

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