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Intimidating, but they can't hit a single bot.

Desperate to destroy the Autobots, the Quintessons make a deal with the Decepticons.

Japanese title: "The Trap on the Planet Goo"


Detailed synopsis

"I'm batman, and i can breath in space."

As we last left our heroes, the Quintessons had just blown up their homeworld in an attempt to destroy Rodimus Prime and the Matrix. However, the Aerialbots managed to rescue them, but their ship was destroyed in the explosion, sending them hurtling through space. Ultra Magnus detects an object that they're closing in on quickly, but isn't sure if it's a planet or a ship.

Remember, Wheelie is on this ship.

Meanwhile, Cyclonus is briefing Galvatron on the recent developments, including the creation of a space platform to guard Earth. Intrigued, Galvatron alters course, deciding to punish the Humans for assuming that they could build something to defend themselves against him. Some of the Sweeps are unnerved by Galvatron's behavior, but Scourge tells them to shut up. Arriving at Earth, Blurr and Wheelie, carrying Metroplex's Transformation cog, spot Galvatron. They warn Outpost One, but Galvatron destroys it with ease, then turns his sights on the Autobots. Fleeing to the planet Jupiter, the Autobots are forced to abandon ship with Metroplex's cog and end up falling into the upper atmosphere. Galvatron uses his cannon to electrically charge a nearby storm cell, causing a violent and explosive reaction which interrupts the transformation cogs of both Blurr and Wheelie. The Decepticons then depart for Chaar. Blaster sends warning to Mars, where Marissa Faireborn of Earth Defense Command heads out on a rescue mission.

Springer will purge all memory of this due to the trauma he suffered here.

Meanwhile, the Quintessons are contemplating how best to celebrate the death of the Autobot leader, when they learn that Rodimus survived. They conclude that they have no choice but to make an alliance with the one group who can help them: the Decepticons. Crashing on Goo, the Autobots discover that they can walk in the substance, but cannot get out. Kup points out that while they're stranded, it could be worse. Predictably, a machine arrives and begins sucking up various garbage. Springer is caught and sliced up, and Rodimus is next. Despite Arcee and Kup's pleas, Rodimus manages to clog the blades, causing it to crash. Judge Deliberata is surprised, claiming that the Autobots weren't programmed for self-sacrifice.

On Chaar, the Quintessons offer the Decepticons enough energon. They are at first hesitant, but once Dead End samples some energon and lives, the others dogpile on it. The Quintessons offer enough to charge their systems to get them to listen to their offer: destroy the Autobots. Decepticons are nervous, saying that they can't take Cybertron in their present condition, but the Quintessons tell them that Rodimus Prime is on Goo with only a small number of Autobots to guard him. Although it's an offer the Decepticons are eager to accept, Blitzwing is suspicious of the Quintessons, finding them familiar. Motormaster decides to have a vote. The yays have it, but Blitzwing decides to remain on Chaar. The Quintessons are pleased, saying that the Decepticons will soon be theirs...again?

Judging the way it looks, it's no surprise its aim isn't worth scrap.

From her ship, Faireborn detects metal fragments which were blown all the way to Jupiter's moon of Io. On the surface of the Jovian moon, Wheelie and Blurr wake up, not realizing that they aren't alone. Arriving at Chaar, Galvatron is angered when Blitzwing informs him that the Decepticons left following others, and Galvatron vows to reclaim his rightful place as Decepticon leader. On Goo, the Autobots are searching for a device which will shut off whatever is keeping the goo warm and soft. Suddenly, the Quintesson ship arrives, and the Decepticons jump out, firing with all they can shoot.

To be continued...


Original airdate: September 3,1986

Production number: 700-88

Written by: Flint Dille


Featured Characters

("Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others

Notable quotes

"Galvatron is strong, but Wheelie is mean!"

Wheelie, he's such a brave little trooper *sniff*.

"My guidance system is hit! Galvatron, save meeeEEE!!!"
"Please meet your end with dignity! I despise whiners!"

— a Sweep is left to die by Galvatron

Sweep 1: "This is blowing out my audio sensors."
Sweep 2: "It's torture!"
Galvatron: "Hahah, no, no! It's music. The symphony of destruction and the anthem of agony!"

Galvatron really needs to see a head doctor.

Quintesson: "We have not come to kill you. We have come to offer you a proposition."
Dead End: "Swindle.. I-uh think this is your department."
Swindle: "First, see if we can trust them. Taste one of the energon cubes."

Dead End decides to delegate to Swindle's expertise.

"Forget everything I told you about heroism, RUN!"

Kup decides to change his tune when Rodimus Prime nearly faces death by alien garbage truck.

"Well? Where are they?"
"Uh you pose an interesting question, my Lord."

Galvatron asking Cyclonus a very valid point.

"Mark this moment well. For when the Decepticons eliminate the Autobots, they take the first step to their own destruction as well."

— a Quintesson saying something very important that the Decepticons should have heard before they decided to blindly attack the Autobots.


Animation and/or technical glitches

I am back and ready to serve Megatron again.
  • Once again, Rumble is the size of Soundwave.
  • To make matters worse, when the Combaticons are discussing the Quintesson deal, Bruticus walks up from nowhere. And he's the same size as the Combaticons.
  • Also, Air Raid is shown sitting with the Decepticons.
  • Later, when shooting at the Autobots, there is a Decepticon with Shockwave's body but different colors.
  • Also in the above shot, Shrapnel is seen.
  • Spike can breathe in space.
  • Oh, good God, this is bad even for AKOM.

Continuity errors

  • When Kup picks up the Quintesson face, where's the rest of the Quintesson?
  • While I guess this is just a matter of opinion on Kup's part he says to Rodimus "I've seen a lotta brave Autobots do a lotta brave things in my time, but nothing like that" when Rodimus bravely stops the garbage scow. Not to be picky, but with all Kup's experience that's the bravest thing he has witnessed. I find that hard to swallow.

Transformers references

  • References

Real-world references

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  • Spike mentions that the gooey substance on Goo reminds him of stuff he put under his desk in high school. Although this is disgusting, it does raise a valid question: did anyone see Spike actually go to school during the first two seasons?


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  • Dossier at the Cybertron Chronicle
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