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Fitz Kreiner
Also known as: Kode, Father Kreiner
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 1963
Appearances: EDA: The Taint - Interference - Book Two
EDA: Interference - Book Two - The Ancestor Cell
EDA: Escape Velocity - The Gallifrey Chronicles
BFA: The Company of Friends
Actor: Matt di Angelo



Fitz Kreiner was born to Otto Kreiner and Muriel Kreiner in 1936.

Fitz lived in a small third floor flat in Archway before he met the Doctor and Sam. Fitz is an excellent guitarist, but performs under the name Fitz Fortune so as not to highlight his German heritage.

Fitz smoked a lot of cigarettes, and drank just as much.

Before meeting the Doctor and Sam he worked in a florist’s shop.

There were effectively four separate (although linked) 'versions' of Fitz Kreiner. There was Fitz Kreiner the 27 year old who joined the Doctor and Sam in 1963 and travelled with them until they landed on Earth in 1996. At which point there are 3 – 4 distinct varieties of Fitz Kreiner in existence.

Fitz Kreiner was placed in The Cold, by the United Nations in 1996 in Geneva, and was removed from The Cold in 2593 on Ordifica.

Here Fitz Kreiner decided since he is so far removed from the Doctor and his own time to become a Faction Agent, joining the Faction Paradox. (EDA: Interference - Book One)

At this point Fitz Kreiner was still Fitz Kreiner, although it is debatable whether this Fitz Kreiner was the Fitz who continued to travel with the Doctor when Kode meets the Doctor once more on Earth 1996.

Upon joining the Faction Paradox Fitz along with other survivors of Ordifica were taken back in time and placed on Anathema by the Faction Paradox to become their troops; The Remote, Fitz became part of their society, without totally becoming a part of it in the literal sense.

During his time on Anathema he contemplated suicide, but ultimately didn’t. He did however join the Faction Paradox and was indoctrinated into its ranks.

At this point, or further along Fitz’s history he splits into: Father Kreiner and Kode (see specific articles for more detailed information).

Before leaving Anathema, Fitz placed his memories in a Remembrance Tank, which molded a replica of himself out of Biomass, so that his memories and personality would continue to live on in / on Anathema.

Ultimately Fitz’s goal was to return to the Doctor in the time that he left.

Fitz, or rather the re-remembered version of Fitz lived on Anathema for over 500 years on their journey towards Earth. The re-remembered version of Fitz became Kode, who came to Earth selling The Cold with Compassion and Guest.

The Doctor recognised elements of Fitz’s personality in Kode and offered to use the TARDIS’s telepathic circuits to re-remember Kode as the Fitz who joined the Doctor in 1963, and as the man he was up to the point that the TARDIS lost contact with him (when he was placed in The Cold, or there abouts). (EDA: Interference - Book Two)

Fitz Kreiner – Following his Re-Remembering

This version of Fitz Kreiner could be considered Fitz Kreiner version 1.2, not the original, biological version of Fitz Kreiner (who is actually Father Kreiner), but is in relative terms more ‘Fitz Kreiner’ than Father Kreiner.

Fitz Kreiner enjoys tea, and sorely missed the TARDIS's supply of tea when the TARDIS was thought to be destroyed between Avalon and Earth.

Fitz Kreiner was picked up by Compassion following Gallifrey's destruction and was deposited on Earth to meet the Doctor who had spent 100 years recovering after his ordeal.



Personality - Pre-Re-Remembering

Fitz suffered from a bit of the 'comic book' syndrome; he thought that he was special if only someone would notice. (EDA: Demontage)

He thought most people stupid and would tell such tall tales as J.R.R. Tolkien having been born between 'R.J Tolkien' and a prostitute called Frodo. (EDA: The Taint)

He also liked to play up the character of various fictional characters from movie and novels such as James Bond.

Fitz slept with a dark haired Samantha Jones. (EDA: Unnatural History)

Personality - Post-Re-Remembering

Fitz; after re-remembering by the TARDIS appeared to be ease with himself, more attuned to the ways of the TARDIS and travelling through time.

Following the Doctor's 100 years trapped on Earth, Fitz knew more about the TARDIS and in fact the Doctor's life than the Doctor himself, and even demonstrated an affinity with the TARDIS in keeping things (such as the Doctor's memories) from the Doctor. (EDA: Escape Velocity, EarthWorld, Trading Futures)


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