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Fist of Guthix token
Fist of Guthix token
Also called? Guthix token, FoG token, FoGToks, token
Members only? No
Tradable? No
Approximate value 695 coins
Examine A token awarded for taking part in the Fist of Guthix minigame.

Fist of Guthix tokens are awarded to players for playing a game of Fist of Guthix. Winning players are awarded anywhere from 2 to 25+ Fist of Guthix tokens, while losing players are awarded 1 token, or none if the player forfeits. The tokens can be spent at the Fist of Guthix Reward shop, either to buy new equipment, or to recharge fully degraded equipment.

The approximate value of a Fist of Guthix token is calculated by taking the price of Worn-out rune gauntlets and dividing it by 200, the cost of the gauntlets.

Fist of Guthix tokens, along with the Runecrafting guild tokens, are the only currencies other than coins that free players can use.

The rewards claimable with these tokens are mainly useful for the Fist of Guthix minigame, but are also helpful for other purposes. The gloves at the store (runecrafting gloves, fishing gloves, etc.) can help a player in certain skills. Non-combat items crumble to dust, while combat-assisting items simply wear out. They can be recharged again by paying Reggie some Fist of Guthix tokens.

Approximate value on selling token rewards

Fist of Guthix Reward shop Druidic mage top Druidic mage hood Combat robe top Combat hood Battle robe top Battle hood Green d'hide coif Red d'hide coif Bronze gauntlets Steel gauntlets Mithril gauntlets Rune gauntlets Adamant spikeshield Rune spikeshield Irit gloves Kwuarm gloves Swordfish gloves Dragon slayer gloves Water runecrafting gloves Druidic mage bottom Druidic mage robes Combat robe bottom Combat robes Battle robe bottom Battle robes Blue d'hide coif Black d'hide coif Iron gauntlets Black gauntlets Adamant gauntlets Dragon gauntlets Adamant berserker shield Rune berserker shield Avantoe gloves Cadantine gloves Shark gloves Air runecrafting gloves Earth runecrafting gloves
The tokens can be spent on these rewards

Below is a table showing the approximate value per token when using fist of guthix to earn money. All the values are calculated by buying the reward and then uncharging them (if available) and selling them at current market price.

Item GE Price Tokens Price per token
Druidic mage robes
Druidic mage top 45,200 300 150.667
Druidic mage bottom 48,100 200 240.5
Druidic mage hood 27,600 100 481
Combat robes
Combat robe top 53,100 150 354
Combat robe bottom 45,500 100 455
Combat hood 24,100 50 482
Battle robes
Battle robe top 87,500 1500 58.333
Battle robe bottom 100,500 1000 100.5
Battle hood 25,700 250 102.8
Dragonhide coifs
Green d'hide coif 16,100 150 107.333
Blue d'hide coif 140,200 200 701
Red d'hide coif 111,800 300 372.667
Black d'hide coif 67,800 500 135.6
Worn-out gauntlets
Bronze gauntlets 4,720 15 314.667
Iron gauntlets 12,400 30 413.333
Steel gauntlets 18,800 50 376
Black gauntlets 32,200 75 429.333
Mithril gauntlets 46,300 100 463
Adamant gauntlets 95,700 150 638
Rune gauntlets 139,000 200 695
Dragon gauntlets 197,700 300 659
Spikeshields and Berserker shields
Adamant spikeshield 8,336 50 166.72
Adamant berserker shield 36,300 100 363
Rune spikeshield 64,300 200 321.5
Rune berserker shield 197,100 300 657

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