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This article is about the mini-game. For the legendary object sometimes known as the Fist of Guthix, see Stone of Jas.
"Fog" redirects here. For the fog banks seen in Stealing Creation, see Fog (stealing creation).
This article is about the mini-game. For for tactics and tips about Fist of Guthix, see, see Tactics and Tips.
This is a safe minigame. If you die here, you will not lose your items.
Location on World map
Chaos Temple (Wilderness)
Air Obelisk Fist of Guthix Slayer Tower
Players at the Charge Center.

File:Fist of Guthix icon highscores.png Fist of Guthix is a minigame that was released on 9 April 2008. The game employs tactics and strategy, and offers a substantial range of rewards to players. To begin playing Fist of Guthix, players must first speak to Fiara. Please note that this is a "Safe" mini-game. You will not lose any items if you die in the minigame. Fist of Guthix happens to be one of the few minigames which you can have a highscore rank in. The current number rating needed to be on the mini-game high scores is 500. It is also a great way to train Magic because runes provided are free. However, due to the short span of a match, it is faster to train with your own runes, albeit more pricey.

Though the gap between Fist of Guthix and the beginning of the Wilderness is small, there are low level Giant rats which may attack you. There also have been known Revenant attacks on the way. It is usually unlikely that a player will get attacked by a high level Revenant since Fist of Guthix is in relatively low level wilderness, but if the player's level is close enough to a high level Revenant then one should still be careful, because they deal a lot of damage quickly.

The current Member's Fist of Guthix worlds are:  92, 98, 110 and 140. There are also Free-to-Play worlds, including: 20, 25, 93, 107, 119, 128, 146 and 149. Although there are designated worlds, Fist of Guthix can be played on all worlds except Bounty Worlds and PvP Worlds. You will still be able to access the bank and talk to the NPCs in Fist of Guthix in Bounty and PvP Worlds, but it may be difficult to play the mini-game, due to the lack of players who go to a PvP World and play minigames.



The entrance to the Fist of Guthix lobby is a cave located in level 7 Wilderness, directly north of Varrock. If a player heads north from Varrock's East bank, they will reach the cave entrance. There is a very slim chance that the player may encounter Revenants on the way to the minigame, as there is only a short distance between Fist of Guthix and Varrock. If players are worried about this, they may bank all of their items before heading out into the Wilderness, and simply pick them back up at the bank in the Minigames lobby, or, if they are members, they can use the Ring of Duelling to teleport straight into the cave as of 27 January 2009.



After players enter the cave, they will be inside the main lobby. Here, the players can talk to Fiara to learn the rules of the game, access their bank, talk to Reggie who runs the shop, talk to some of the druids like Alran, Getorix and Pontimer to learn more about the history of this place and finally enter the waiting room for the minigame. New players must talk to Fiara first before they are allowed to play the game.

There can only be 250 players in the minigame at once. If the game is full, players in the lobby will not be able to access the waiting room until the game has cleared out a bit. Players can simply wait a few minutes until the waiting room is open, or they may wish to switch worlds if the current world is exceptionally busy.

Once inside the waiting room, players need only to wait until the game matches them with an opponent and they will then be teleported into the main Fist of Guthix arena, as long as there is enough players in the room.

The waiting room.

Note that the combination can be of different players of different combat levels. At the corner of the waiting lobby, there is an entrance where players can see but cannot click on it. The examine text is "I should wait for my opponent first." Thus, this is probably a decoration but not a sign of future update.


The minigame consists of two rounds and is 1 vs 1. In each round, one player is classified as the "hunted", and the other player is classified as the "hunter". In the first round, the roles are determined randomly. In the second round, the roles are swapped and all stats are restored. Therefore both players will have a chance to play each role; afterwards a winner is determined based upon number of charges you were able to collect during your turn as "hunted".

Any food, runes (including essence), skilling supplies that cannot be equipped (such as a tinderbox, food, etc), all afros, holiday items(Except for clothing), and potions CANNOT be brought in the game arena. There will be a warning if you attempt to bring an item that you cannot use.

rules of mini game

A player in the hunter role
A Hunted player runs from their Hunter.

The following items are supplied to each player when a player goes into the waiting area, and taken away if they leave it:

  • 5 Bandages - Heals a player's Hitpoints by 1-15, for a maximum total of 75 Hitpoints.
Catalytic runes
  • 300 Catalytic runes - Works as a replacement for any non-elemental runes (mind, chaos, death, blood, nature, soul etc.)
Elemental runes
  • 1,000 Elemental runes - Works as a replacement for any elemental runes. (earth, air, fire, water)
  • Tele-orb - You use this to instantly teleport to the centre of the arena.

At the end of the game, most of the arrows on the ground will be returned to their original owners, so there is no need to pick them up while in the game (Similar to the Duel Arena).

Facilities of the fighting area

The fighting area is composed of a large circular area, with teleport houses and ruins surrounding the center. At the edges of the arena, there are stone dispensers for hunted players to grab a stone of power. The teleport houses protect the hunted when entered. It makes the hunted invisible to everyone else and it disables any "locking on" effects but also drains the hunted's hitpoints initially, decreasing by three every five seconds. Any player standing on the Fist of Guthix will have their running energy rapidly restored. The stone of power can accumulate charges with a faster rate if it is brought closer to the centre.


For tactics and tips for playing, please see this page


Being the hunted player is usually considered much more challenging, but it is also the only round in which the player can get charges (points). The basic objective is to gather as many charges from the "Fist of Guthix", a large energy well in the centre of the field, as possible before time runs out or the player dies.

The stone of energy!

To gather charges, the player must first pick up a stone of power from a stone dispenser, and then wield the stone to gather charges. Note that the stone is two-handed, and can only gather charges when it is wielded (not just in the inventory), meaning that the hunted player will be unable to fight back whilst wielding the Stone. Players can gather charges anywhere in the arena, although the closer to the centre (the "Fist of Guthix") they are, the faster they will gather charges. Players wielding the stone will gain charges in packets, having around a three second delay between packets. The hunted can attack the hunter, but no spells can be used and the hunted can only rely on melee or range, though they should be aware they no longer gather charges if fighting the hunter. Once the hunted is dead, the hunter respawns in a random location. It is only recommended to do so if you want to use a different strategy. The max charges is 5000. To obtain 5000 charges the player must be in the center of the arena the whole time.

Note that the hunted player will have their abilities slightly reduced, meaning a high-level hunted player can still be extremely vulnerable to a low-levelled hunter. However, the maximum hit of a hunter doesn't decrease. If they move toward the centre their abilities will be reduced even more but they will get more charges. Hunted players will also be dealt 1 damage occasionally as they are absorbing charges ranging from 0 to 15, and 2 damage for charges above 15, so a watchful eye should be kept on your remaining hitpoints, even if your hunter is nowhere to be found.

Hunted players do have an advantage, however, in that they can use the teleport houses located around the arena. Hunters cannot access, see players inside these houses, and automatic lock-on is cancelled, so the hunted player is safe while inside them. There are portals inside to teleport the player to the other houses located around the field, however there is a chance that the player will be teleported near the centre where he/she is vulnerable. Also, if the player teleports he/she will lose 20 charges. Note that the player will have some hitpoints drained when they enter a house, and often take 4 damage occasionally inside the northeast house and 3 damage in the other houses, and they cannot gather any charges while in the house. Sometimes, the teleport may fail and you will end up outside a teleport house or in the centre. If a player has recently exited a teleport house, they will not be able to enter another house again for about 20 seconds. A hunted player with less than 20 charges cannot use the portals in the houses.

Armour for gameplay


When you are the hunted, you want to have the best protection and not too much weight from attacks that you can. That's where what armour you are wearing comes in. This section explains the best armour to put on based on the attack style your opponent is using. This is meant for F2P players, and it would not be useful to members. There is nothing for the shield or weapon slots because you cannot carry those if you are holding the stone.

The components of full rune armour, used against melee and ranged pures, range-2h hybrid hunters:

The component of full Green Dragonhide armour, used against mage pures:

A mix of Green Dragonhide armour and rune armour, used against balanced players:

A component of full combat magic armour, used against ranged or magic

Bear in mind the maximized bonus only partially protects against hunter's attack, as you will still be hit very often unless the hunter has a very low combat level or very low attack bonus.
It is NOT recommended to make the load too heavy though, as the stone of power already weighs 30kg and a 80kg+ load can drain running energy very rapidly.

A popular way of hunting is that a non-pure hunter will bring armour that gives a bonus in magic or ranged combat and bring a melee weapon as a side form of damage in case the defender uses protection spells from Prayer. A rune scimitar is a common weapon as it is fast and light. For free-to-play magic users, the Combat robes obtained through Fist of Guthix give a good magic bonus.

The components used for a Combat pure when hunting in f2p:

Note: This is mainly for a melee pure with level 1 defence. Different pieces of armour may be used in other pure types. Refer to the Combat pure article for more information on those specific types.

Round End

A player who won with 5000 charges.

A round will end under any of the following circumstances:

  • Time runs out
  • The hunted player gets killed
  • The hunted player gets the maximum number of charges (5,000)
  • Either player logs out or leaves the arena (If your opponent logs out and you have not had a turn to be the hunted yet, you will have 500 or 150 points and your opponent will have 0, resulting in a win for you)

When the first round ends, both players will swap roles, stat effects will be reset, and the second round will begin. After the second round, the player with the most energy charges (or the only player left in the event of a log out or forfeit) wins.


Winning a match of the game will earn you:

  • Rating points - Use to keep track of your progress on the high score tables. Rating changes are based on how many charges you either won or lost by.
An example Fist of Guthix rating.
  • Fist of Guthix tokens - Currency for Reggie's shop, which can be used to buy the items listed below. The amount of tokens you win depends on two things:
A Fist of Guthix token.
  1. How many energy charges you managed to collect in the game. The more energy charges, the more tokens.
  2. Your total level. Guthix favours those players who are skilled in many areas, so your winnings will increase as your total level increases.

Note: If two players tie, which is very unlikely, both players will lose a small amount of rating and receive one token, unless they forfeited recently. In that case, they will not receive a token.

Players receive one or two tokens for good effort, if they lose. Players who forfeit are flagged as a forfeiter and will receive less tokens from their next game.
The result of a tie.

List of rewards


Inside the main lobby, Reggie owns a shop where you can spend the Fist of Guthix tokens you have earned. The items here consist of various types of gloves that can increase your experience while training certain skills, magical robes which may supply certain runes for you or increase the potency of certain spells, and special types of armour that can give you strength or ranging bonuses.

Note that all items listed here will degrade over time (with the exception of gloves and gauntlets - see below). The items will also be untradeable until the item has completely degraded.

To repair/recharge any degraded item, use the item with the shop-keeper Reggie, and he will recharge the item for you a specific cost of tokens.

To completely degrade an item, allowing you to trade it, simply use the item with Reggie and he will deplete the item for free.

Rather than degrading, gloves will simply crumble into dust after 1,000 uses.

There is no way to repair these gloves - A new pair must be bought from Reggie after you have lost the old pair. NOTE: Do not confuse with gauntlets (see below.)

Gauntlets bought at the Fist of Guthix do not degrade over time, but simply degrade completely when the player dies. This does not apply when the player dies while participating in a safe minigame. NOTE: Do not confuse with gloves (see above.)You can restore the gauntlets power if you pay a small price. You can also sell your degraded gauntlets on the Grand Exchange.



Many players have complained about the massive amounts of lag in this minigame, and being logged out of the game due to lag is quite common. Therefore, players are advised to not play this minigame in RuneScape HD - This will help reduce lag and lower chances of being logged out. Sometimes, big amounts of lag will cause the arrow to stay in the position where the hunted player was before, but the hunted player wouldn't be there.

'Screen spamming'

On crowded worlds, if two players are paired together and the hunter is a lower level than the hunted, the hunted can abuse this by hiding amongst the crowds of players in the middle of the arena, the arrow will point to them but right clicking on them results in their name being "lost" under floods of "Trade", "Follow", "Req assist" and "Walk here". (known to some as a screen spam) This is because of the coding involved in the game where all higher levels need to be right clicked to be attacked.

"Death Dotting" (DDing)

A common technique among the "hunted" is to group together on a single spot in the centre of the stage. These players can often be seen shouting "Dd here!" or "dd!". The purpose of this is to prevent "hunters" from killing players so easily, as all the hunted players are grouped together on a single tile, the hunters will have to scroll through a huge list to find the player they need to attack, and sometimes are unable to find the player entirely. This has caused much strife throughout the official Jagex forums and from players in-game.

Logging Out

Players experienced a problem that logged them out instantly while playing the game. This happened usually when the Player went into a house. Many players had come to the conclusion that when there are too many players, a few of them will be logged out. This was confirmed to be a glitch, and has been fixed.

House Hugging

A method that causes a lot of complaints from hunters, is the practice of hiding in the houses until the hunter is out of sight, and then going outside until the hunter is near, and then repeating this until the round is over, or the hunter forfeits in frustration. A recent update to the houses prevents immediate re-entry after exiting a house, although it is still possible to house hug.

Combat Level Difference

This has caused criticism among players with lower combat levels because players are paired randomly, regardless of combat skills, and can often put those players at a large disadvantage. For example, even if a level 80 player is waiting to play and there are many other players around their level, they could likely be paired with someone at a much higher level; even as high as level 138. Yet, unlike most other PvP activities, this gives higher-levelled players a large advantage of being able to more easily kill lower levelled players.

This has sparked many suggestion threads in the "Suggestions" part of the Official Forums, saying that there should be a level difference cap, or that pairs should just be more equal in combat level.

Opponents Running

This common method has made many players frustrated and angry. The "hunted" runs around the game arena, hoping to not get attacked. They sometimes go to the Fist of Guthix to collect charges and recharge their run energy. Hunters in the first round may threaten to do the same in the next round, as a way to fight fire with fire, so to speak. However, seeing as this is the entire point of the game, many players consider it unnecessary to become angry at this.


Fist of Guthix is a popular minigame for Magic pures, since the minigame offers free Magic runes that you can use only during Fist of Guthix and decent rewards for the tokens. This is especially effective for Magic training, as there is no cost to casting combat spells because of the free runes.

Tricks for the hunted

  • The Fist's Edge- A good trick for the hunted player, this can be done by waiting on the edge of the arena, then teleporting when your enemy appears on-screen. This is easiest to do from the far east side of the arena because of the outcropping that sticks out. Immediately teleport to the center and run to a house. This works best when you have a high Hitpoints Level, as you need to wait until your enemy is off-screen. Get out when your opponent is off the screen, and run for a stone dispenser a distance away from the exit, as your opponent will most likely leave out of frustration. If you want to get lots of charges, stay on the south-most edge of your house. Your enemy will be looking elsewhere for you, and will eventually leave. This trick works best when you are a hunted on the first round.
  • Teleporter- When your opponent is on-screen, teleport from the edge to the center, and go directly to a house and wait for your opponent to fly in and out of your minimap, then use the teleporter, and hope that you end up in a new house away from your enemy. Wait outside your house, and you can gain thousands of Charges.

Training Uses

Magic Training

Xp gained in this minigame is simply reduced to half (Wearing Sacred Clay Armour does not increase xp received during the minigame at all).

Because the Fist of Guthix provides free runes, it is a popular place to train magic. The trainers should go to a world with few players (not a Fist of Guthix World). There are several ways to train magic in the Fist of Guthix:

  1. The hunter wears whatever provides the lowest possible magic attack bonus. The hunted should wear whatever provides the highest magic defence bonus. The hunter won't receive the xp from the damage done, therefore this should be used by higher mages where the xp received from damage doesn't matter as much because a high Base XP is already given. This technique is good for people who want to do other things while playing. The hunted should stay near the edge, and the hunter should stay near the middle as possible.
  2. The hunter wears whatever provides the highest possible magic attack bonus. The hunted wears whatever provides the lowest possible magic defence bonus. This should generally be used by lower level mages, where the xp from the damage matters more, because a low Base XP is given. This technique requires the trainers to pay more attention, and there is always the chance of being paired with someone else in the waiting room. The hunter should stay near the edge, and the hunted should stay near the middle as possible, and be carrying the stone of power.
  3. Somewhere in between these two techniques.


  • When in Fist of Guthix arena opening items kept on death it will show as if the mini game was unsafe although it is safe.
  • There used to be a glitch, in which when you enter the cave to access the Fist of Guthix minigame, the Wilderness level will switch rapidly to 260 for a split second, despite the fact that the Fist of Guthix lobby isn't in the Wilderness.
  • There used to be a glitch where if you brought a law rune into the arena, the screen that said not to bring any runes did not appear, and the Law rune could be brought into the game.
  • The arrow indicating your opponent's location often does not show up, especially in situations where a player is lagging a lot.
  • There is a glitch when you level up, but the message that you get when you level up won't show. This seems to happen only during the times when the game is lagging.
  • There is also a glitch that occurs if there is lag at the precise moment the game ends. It may have other causes, though. This glitch also makes the win (or loss) text not appear, you just appear in the lobby.
  • There is another glitch that happens, probably because of lagging at the moment the game begins, which makes your opponent's name not appear, it just says the word Name.
  • If you die at the right moment of attacking someone after you die when the game is over you may still have the attack option outside of the Fist of Guthix area. This has also happened in Castle Wars.
  • There is a glitch where if you are 1 hitpoints and use a bandage to heal as you get hit with 1 damage, you die with 15 hitpoints
  • There is a glitch in the game lobby where the player can step on the same square as Fiara.
  • There is a glitch where when you are in the waiting room and use a spell on another player, when starting the game, the spells in the spell book will not light up but can be used.
  • There is a glitch where, if the hunter and hunted kill each other at the same time they both respawn in the same role, giving the Hunted an extra HP bar.
  • There is a glitch where if the hunter preaches using a prayerbook at the same time the hunted dies the game treats that match as a tie with both players having zero charges, even if the match only lasted one round.


The Saradomin symbol
  • When first released, when asked if he could recharge an item, Reggie would reply, "In that case hand me the item over what you want recharged." Jagex cleaned up the awkwardly worded statement to "Just hand me the item you want recharged and I'll see what I can do."
  • It is impossible to trade while in-game, drop items or cast alchemy spells, Bones to Bananas, Superheat Item, or any Teleportation spells. A screen saying "You are not here to do this" will appear if a player tries to perform such actions.
  • The music was originally named "Guthixs' Hunter". This has since been changed "Guthix's Hunter".
  • On the second day after the release of the game, a group of people found out that if the hunted left the battle he would only lose 8 ratings while the hunter would receive 21 rating and 12 tokens. This lead to abuse, so Jagex changed the mechanics so that if the hunted left, they lost over 40 rating and the hunter only gained 12 rating and 3 tokens.
  • Near the Forfeit Caves players can see symbols similar to Saradomin Symbols, the origin of these symbols once being unknown. However, a Postbag from the Hedge has cleared this up and states that the symbols were caused by Saradominists attempting to make the place their temple. Fiara forced them to flee, and they carved the symbols there before leaving.
  • It was possible for a player to do an emote while in the waiting room and they would not enter the arena and could continuously skip rounds. Give Thanks, Around the World in Eggty Days and Skillcape emotes were most popular because the emote duration for each is very long.
  • When the house portals fail, the player will sometimes walk through the walls of the house.
  • A lot of people that escape from their hunters decide to teleport to the centre because their run energy recharge more quickly here. The downside is that you are very weakened in the centre.
  • The Charge Center in the middle of Fist of Guthix looks like the imprint of where the Stone of Jas used to be. This is likely to be true, since the Stone of Jas' other name is 'Fist of Guthix'.
  • Strangely, the clocks on the scoreboards have their minute hand moving, but the hour hand stays at about 4-o-clock.
  • If you run to the south-west corner of the waiting room, you will see a seemingly useless "Entrance" which can be examined but not used in any way.
  • Some Mages use this game to level Magic as the game supplies 1300 free runes to use in one game.  
  • On the 3rd of December 2009, the tokens to recharge the items were reduced.
  • The FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor, has a unit called "druid" and resembles the druids in the lobby.



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Fist of Guthix is a safe mini game that's available to members and free-to-play players. It is located in level 3-7 wilderness in varrock. For memebers, you can use a ring of dueling to get a easy teleport there without wasting your time running or walking.

This mini game is mostly used to train your Magic level instead of using it for the right purpose.

For more information about Fist of Guthix, click link to RuneScape wiki:

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