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First Knowledge quarter
General information

Jedi Temple


Rise of the Empire era


Jedi Order

The First Knowledge quarter, which included the east tower, was one of four main sections of the Jedi Temple complex. Focusing on the continuous education of Younglings in the ways of the Force, this area contained the most classrooms, and boarding areas for children.

On the first level of the quarter stood the seven story, Room of a Thousand Fountains a giant green house which evoked a meditative atmosphere. Above this were several Sith containment cells used to hold the dreaded Sith and their monstrosities. The next level was occupied by the Jedi Service Corps which included the Jedi Agricultural Corps Research Labs, Jedi Medical Corps Infirmary, and the offices of the Exploration Corps. It also was home to many Jedi Training Chambers and verandas. The Knight's Billet was also within this quarter.

A classroom in this section of the Temple.

The epicenter of this section were the Jedi Archives, which housed wells of knowledge from over a thousand generations of history. Connected to the archives was a chamber within the Tower of First Knowledge, the spire that crowned this corner of the Temple, which housed the Order’s holocrons. Around the spire’s base were classrooms used to educate younglings in the path of the Jedi. A hall leading to the base of the Tower was lined with holo-depictions of the Jedi Code.

During the Raid on the Jedi Temple, the 501st Legion rampaged this section, slaughtering all of the younglings, including the infants within the nurseries. Darth Vader would confront Serra Keto within one of the Jedi briefing rooms near the spire, and would proceed to kill her in one of the training halls. he would then descend to the Room of a Thousand Fountains to kill her Master, Cin Drallig and the younglings he protected.

Behind the scenes

The possible non-canon duel between Vader and Drallig in the First Knowledge quarter.

In the Revenge of the Sith game, Vader duels Master Drallig in a chamber near the tower's base. This scene however contradicts canon. The room however is Serra Keto's canon place of death, and therefore is canon. It is, however, possible that Vader forced Drallig to retreat to the Room of a Thousand Fountains from this room.


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