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  • Raid on Daahk Space
  • Raids continue
Battle of Providence

Daahk Raids


16 BBY




Daahk return to Daahk Space


Dar'aa Shap Halaat

Daahk raiding parties

Droid Confederacy


Esuut lok No

Warlords Guul and Mo'auk

Commander OOM 33


1,500 Dar'aa Shap Halaat; 500 starfighters; 1 Watchman

4,000 Daahk; 1,000 warbeasts; 3,000 starfighters; 2 Beastkeepers

500,000 Providence droids and Drafts;

  • 2 Providence capital ships

673 Dar;, 136 Starfighters

3,400 Daahk; 702 warbeasts; all Starfighters

200,705 Providence droids and Drafts

The Battle of Providence was a medium-scale battle fought over and on Providence in the Daahk Raids, which also involved the Droid Confederacy.

Events of the Battle

The battle began when a usually large Daahk raiding party emerged from Daahk space and was met over Providence by a much smaller squad of Dar. The inhabitants of Providence, who recognised neither the Dar nor the Daahk, saw this as an assault on their territory, so launched a counterattack on both fleets.


In space

The huge Daahk Beastkeeper, surrounded by smaller starfighters launched from Daahk space sooner after the last raid than usual. The Daahk exited from the unknown regions without a single error, and the Dar'aa Shap Halaat were not notified by anyone or anything. To make themselves safer, the Daahk took a very different path than their usual route, so the Dar Watchmen didn't locate them. This route took them over Providence, the capital and only planet in the Droid Confederacy. However, by this time a cruiser had sighted the Daahk fleet on its radar, and alerted the Dar, who sent out a small counterattack. The Daahk were met above Providence by a small battalion of only 500 Starfighters, each containing only two Dar. The two fleets hovering above Providence didn't look friendly to the legions of OOM Providence battle droids below, and a third armada entered the skies over Providence. Warlord Guul of the Daahk fleet was at first worried when he saw the huge ships which gave the Planet its name, but was relieved to see that the Dar were the main target of Providence's fleet. Commander OOM 33, however, was keeping a secret attack up his sleeve. He had noticed that there were two separate fleets, so simply attacking the smaller one would not improve the situation much more, so he unleashed a hoarde of Draft-class Tri-fighters onto the Daahk fleet. The battle in space continued longer, but after a short while of combat, all three factions sent troops onto the ground.

On Providence

The many billion droids on Providence were swarmed by the Daahk and their horrific Warbeasts. They were no match for the ferocious speed and power displayed by the beats, but soon they were saved by the small number of remaining Dar, who could easily take out a group of Daahk one hundred times larger than their own group. The Droid navy also displayed amazing skill at fighting enemies that it was almost impossible to defeat without technology that they just didn't have. However, another Daahk fleet arrived, headed by Mo'auk, and though it was damaged severely by the other factions' fleets, it still landed on the planet's surface and almost won the battle. To counter this, OOM 33 established contact with Esuut lok No from the Command Bridge of The Survivor, and discussed a truce against the Daahk until the battle was over. Esuut explained the situation of the battle to OOM 33, that he had come peacefully to the Droid Confederacy and only wanted to attack the Daahk anyway. Esuut boarded the Survivor and he and OOM 33 both signed the truce. This marked the turning point of the battle, when it the factions involved became much more evenly matched.

The battle soon progressed into the huge network of tunnels under the planet's surface. The Dar were supplied with guides by the Droid Confederacy so they could find their way around.

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