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Battle of Kligson's Moon


Mission to Sernpidal

Battle of Helska

Yuuzhan Vong War[1]


25 ABY


Helska 4[1]


Yuuzhan Vong victory[1]

  • All but Kyp and Miko, and one possible other survivor[1]
  • 12 Coralskippers[1]

The First Battle of Helska was a battle in 25 ABY that marked the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War.



Arriving at the Helska system, unaware of the Yuuzhan Vong presence, Kyp Durron and his Dozen-and-Two Avengers headed into the Battle of Helska.[1]

Leaving Lando Calrissian's mining operation at an asteroid field, Kyp and his Avengers checked on a buoy set up to monitor local traffic and help in catching smugglers. On the holo, Kyp noticed a Spacecaster-class shuttle heading for the Helska system, and decided to investigate.[1]

Arriving at the Helska system, they found Helska-4, a barren ice world. Unbeknownst to the Avengers, a Yuuzhan Vong Worldship had landed on the planet and set up a sizable base. When they ventured closer to the planet, they encountered small, asteroid-like objects grouping near them. Without warning, the asteroids opened fire on the Avengers, who realized that the objects were not asteroids at all, but a kind of starfighter analog. The Avengers fought off the enemy starfighters (later dubbed Coralskipper), and were faring well until the Vong began using Dovin Basals to strip the Avengers' fighters of their shields. Without their shields, the Avengers were quickly decimated. Miko Reglia crashed onto Helska-4 but survived, and Kyp and an unknown A-wing pilot made blind jumps into hyperspace. The A-wing pilot was likely killed in his jump and Kyp was the only survivor.[1]



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