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DC Comics

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Medical Science may involve anything from simple First Aid techniques to complex surgical procedures. This ability involves not only knowledge of the field of medicine, but also includes the skills necessary to apply them in emergency situations.

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First Aid is a Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel skill. In Fallout 3, First Aid was merged with Doctor into the Medicine skill.

Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics

First Aid
Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
modifies: Chance to heal someone, or another character
modified by: Perception, Intelligence
initial level: 30% + (1% x the average of your Perception + Intelligence).
related perks: Healer, Medic (perk)
related traits: Good Natured

General healing skill. Used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor ills. In game terms, the use of first aid can heal more hit points over time than the rest. Using first aid too much can cause your character strain or become addicted to the drug or food.

Initial Level: Starting First Aid skill is equal to 30% + (1% x the average of your Perception + Intelligence). Average characters will have a 35% skill.

In Fallout Tactics multiplayer games first aid allows you the ability to get your almost-dead warriors back to full health in one or two turns. This implies that you take one doctor in your squad with more than mediocre healing skills. Moreover, the healing via first-aid-kits is more cost effective than relying on stimpacks. The downside is that you mustn't move your healer and the healee, otherwise the process will be terminated (which means that you've wasted Action Points, which you don't want). Especially useful in conjunction with high hitpoint characters like brutish-hulkish Deathclaws.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
ranks: 5
benefit: +20% to all health items in the game

In Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, skills actually work like perks do in the other games.

Each level of this skill increases +20% (up to a maximum +100) to care for all health items.

Points requirements

  • 1 Rank : 2 Points
  • 2 Rank : 4 Points
  • 3 Rank : 8 Points
  • 4 Rank : 16 Points
  • 5 Rank : 32 Points
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Skills of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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Final Fantasy

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First Aid is a recurring ability in the Ivalice-related game series.



Final Fantasy XII

First Aid is a Technick that enables the user to heal his/her HP when in Critical condition. This Technick will not work if the user isn't in Critical status. However, the health recovered is quite minor, and usually is not enough to save the target. The Technick costs 700 gil and 20 License Points. Balthier has already learned this Technick when you acquire him.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Balthier still knows First Aid when you get him. The job classes that can use First Aid are Archer, Knight, Monk, Shikari and Uhlan.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

First Aid is a skill learned by enemy Sky Pirates at level 30 and restores 50 HP to the user.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

First Aid is an ability used by the Human Soldier job class.

This heals a small amount of HP to the user with no MP cost. It also cures all status ailments, as long as you can act.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

First Aid is available only to the Soldier job class. It has almost the same effect as First Aid in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but cannot heal status effects.

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Health is the measurement of the physical condition of the game's protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series. Its default maximum is 100%, but in some of the games in the series this can be extended, usually as a reward for completing some side mission.

Health pickups scattered around the map can restore the player's health to the maximum level. Since the first GTA until Grand Theft Auto IV, health pickups are generally shaped as rotating health icon with the symbol of a heart. In GTA IV, health pickups are shaped as medical kits. Health can be also replenished by up to 20% when entering Ambulances.

Many things can damage the player's health: being shot, stabbed, or beaten, fire, explosives, being struck by a vehicle, drowning, being thrown from a vehicle, and falling from heights. When the player's health is completely depleted, the protagonist is considered "wasted", and is then transported to the nearest hospital, after which a fee for healthcare will be assessed, and all weapons confiscated. Any mission that may have been in progress at the time is considered as failed. Health can be replenished by picking up a health pickup, employing the services of a prostitute, or - in GTA San Andreas and GTA IV - by eating food or visiting a Save Point to save the game.


Grand Theft Auto III

Health pickups can be found in front of all hospitals and scattered throughout Liberty City, often in recreational areas such as rest stops, parks, and shopping centers. Employing the services of a prostitute also replenishes health to a possible total of 125%.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Health pickups appear in Vice City primarily in front of hospitals and replenish the player's health to maximum for $100 (default 100%, which can be extended to 200%). Food stores only help you replenish up to 100% health. The player's maximum health can be increased to 150% by performing Pizza Boy side missions. The player's maximum health will be 200% after the 100% Completion.

GTA San Andreas

Health pickups appear in San Andreas during Gang Warfare and in most missions involving a lot of gun fights. Health is replenished to maximum, which is a variable scale that can be increased by performing paramedic side missions and exercising (sprinting, swimming, or visiting a gym).

GTA Liberty City Stories

Health pickups like in the previous games appear randomly around the city and always inside safehouses and by hospitals. Maximum health can be increased by finishing the Pizza Boy and Noodle Boy side-missions, with each of them increasing 25% health, when completed.

GTA Vice City Stories

Health pickups here appear in the same form as in Liberty City Stories and are always inside safehouses and by hospitals. Increasing the maximum health requires completing the odd job, Air Rescue.


The map found on a website showing health locations in GTA IV.

Health packs are found all over Liberty City, generally in out-of-the-way locales, and in subway stations. Food stands and stores are dotted around the city, and are great for replenishing health. A map of health pickups is shown in the game's website


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This article is about the Scramble City ambulance from Generation One. For the Micromaster ambulance from Universe, see First Aid (Universe).
First Aid is an Autobot and a Protectobot from the Generation One continuity family.
Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a pacifist!

First Aid is one of the most empathic and compassionate beings you'll ever meet. He cares deeply about all living things. Heck, he even cares deeply about the "pain" of inanimate objects. A broken or malfunctioning can-opener will earn just as much sympathy and attention as a fellow Autobot. Otherwise, First Aid is a soft-spoken and sometimes overly cautious sort (especially when it comes to the well-being of a fellow Autobot). Still, all the Autobots know he will work long and hard to do his best for them and that their well-being matters to him more than anything, and those are quite comforting thoughts.

First Aid is a member of the subgroup Protectobots and forms the left arm of the combiner robot Defensor.

I don't believe in fighting. I'm a medic, not a warrior.

—First Aid, The Ultimate Weapon

French name (Canada): Ambulo
Italian name: Sirena



Marvel comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

First Aid and the other Protectobots were created on Earth by Wheeljack and the Autobots after they stole a recording of Devastator's combiner transformation sequence and modified it (and after Optimus Prime and Buster Witwicky shared a Matrix-induced vision of the future with the Special Teams in it) Second Generation!.

Remember: Down the block, not across the street.

Having learned of a Decepticon plot to acquire the human-made hydrothermocline, Optimus Prime brought the Protectobots with him to Energy Futures Industries in order to guard the device. After Megatron and the Combaticons arrived ready for a fight, the Transformers allowed themselves to be convinced of a better solution by Ethan Zachary, an employee of EFI. Zachary would upload their minds into a video simulation program known as Multi-World, allowing the Transformers to do battle without damaging the hydrothermocline or the surrounding area. Inside the game world, First Aid and Streetwise were exploring Vineland when their path was blocked by a web of thick vines. First Aid wanted to blast through, but Streetwise thought better of it and merely lifted the vines out of their way. They were caught off-guard by the Combaticons Brawl and Swindle, but were then miraculously saved by the living vines they had refrained from destroying moments ago. First Aid then used his decrystallizer cannon on the Decepticons, making them brittle enough for Streetwise to shatter with a burst from his compressed air cannon.

Apparently, First Aid's pacifism doesn't extend to virtual combat. Afterdeath!

First Aid later attempted to console a despondent Ratchet after the death of Optimus Prime. Funeral for a Friend!

While not seen on-panel being killed in the Underbase Saga, he was possibly deactivated in that battle, since he was next seen in a life support capsule as Optimus briefly considered using a Matrix fragment to revive him after Ratchet's disappearance. The Greatest Gift Of All!

Generation 2

When Optimus Prime and Grimlock discovered the threat of the Cybertronian Empire, they called in Autobots scattered across the galaxy, including First Aid. And, when Grimlock chose to disobey Prime's directives and make a tactical first strike against Jhiaxus's ships, First Aid went with him. They were quickly found out and captured, though, leaving it to Optimus to bail them out of trouble. Devices and Desires!

Sometime later, First Aid was working with a science team alongside Perceptor and Wheeljack. They attempted to find out what had devastated the population of J'asik, down to the cellular level. Samples taken from the bodies helped the team identify the killer, known as the Swarm, as an offshoot of the Cybertronian race. Swarm

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Michael Bell (US), Kenyu Horiuchi (Japan)
"Hey, get out of the road, jerk!"

First Aid is an avowed pacifist. When the Insecticons attacked an inhabited city on Earth, Optimus Prime called upon the Protectobots to evacuate the civilians caught in the crossfire. First Aid helped an injured man discovered by Streetwise. Later, as Earth's orbit was diverted to the Sun by the Combaticons, First Aid brought civilians to a meat locker that Groove and Streetwise had commandeered to help the humans cool down. The Revenge of Bruticus

First Aid, as part of Defensor, was the arm that wielded the rifle which totally blew up Bruticus. Afterwards, he was with the Protectobots when they saved some window-washers from a burning skyscraper. Later still, First Aid and the other Protectobots were ordered to help defend Autobot Headquarters from a Decepticon attack. They merged into Defensor and activated his useless force field, which almost immediately deactivated, allowing the Decepticons to blast Defensor back into his component parts. B.O.T.

You know things are going badly when you find yourself in Silent Hill with an air conditioner as your only companion.

In the year 2006, the Autobots were asked to help the Dutch authorities deal with French rebels. First Aid wondered why the humans were always fighting amongst themselves. After dispersing the human aggressors, First Aid then helped out Blades when his comrade was shot down by Galvatron. While the Autobots held off the loser-ish Decepticons, First Aid carried Blades back to Metroplex for repairs. After he finished, the Autobot medic responded to an intruder alert and confronted the Decepticon Swindle stealing Metroplex's transformation cog. Unfortunately, Swindle managed to make off with his loot because the pacifist Autobot refused to fight back. Despite Rodimus Prime's attempts to convince him that they didn't expect First Aid to compromise his beliefs, he felt he was a liability to the Autobots and left. After helping some old junker robot chug down some oil and repair some refrigerators, First Aid received a pep talk from Hot Spot, which convinced him to come back to help the Autobots. While Trypticon and Metroplex fought it out, First Aid bravely entered the Autobot giant and re-aligned the stolen transformation cog to suit Metroplex, allowing the Autobot city to transform fully and defeat Trypticon. The Ultimate Weapon

Later in 2006, First Aid transported Jessica Morgan to County General Hospital after she was injured in a battle between the Technobots and the Terrorcons. Despite his helping to restore her ability to walk, the fact that First Aid was a robot had some negative consequences because some people are jerks. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Dreamwave comics continuity

In his younger years, First Aid wore a stylish hoodie.

First Aid was on Cybertron with the other Protectobots when they decided to counter the threat of Devastator joining the Ultracon faction. Escalation

Millions of years later, the Protectobots battled Menasor as Defensor when the Stunticons escaped from a penal facility...and lost, big time. Passive Aggression Defensor later aided in the Autobot insurrection. Revelation After the Autobots regained power, First Aid and the Protectobots searched Shockwave's clone lab, finding Runabout and Runamuck barely alive, having been attacked by an unknown assailant. First Aid was seen administering medical help to the heavily damaged Battlechargers. Black Sunshine


Generation One

  • First Aid (Protectobot, 1986, 1991)
    • Team ID number: P4
    • Japanese ID number: C-75
    • Accessories: "Photon pistol", "Dual-Barrelled Decrystallizer Cannon" with attachment piece
First Aid transforms into a Toyota Town Ace/Lite Ace ambulance. Due to the requirements of transformation, there are some significant compromises in the appearance of the vehicle, such as the rather visible hinge joints for the front end and the big gap in the back of the ambulance to facilitate his knee joint. There is a 5mm peg hole at the back to attach his large "Decrystallizer Cannon" to this mode.
As a Scramble City robot, First Aid can form the limb of any super robot combination, though his nominal place is as the left arm of Defensor.
During the initial 1986 run, there were two variants; initial runs had a die-cast metal chest, while later releases used plastic. When the toy was reissued in the European-exclusive Classics line (not to be confused by the 2006 Classics toyline), the rubsign was removed, but the rubsign indentation remained.
This mold was also used to make Safety from the Guard City giftset in the Operation Combination toyline.


The Protectobots were to be released as part of the second wave of combiners in Generation 2. However, this entire wave was ultimately canceled for unknown reasons. First Aid was to be off-white with seafoam-green robot parts and a different rescue/ambulance deco. Vanishingly few samples—less than a dozen—of this item made their way outside Hasbro, including some on-card samples, which give him the unit number "P2".

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  • First Aid at
  • First Aid's Universe bio at

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