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Fire giants are the strongest giants, well known for their excellent combat and Slayer experience. Like all giants, they have high hitpoints but low defence for their combat level, but they can hit up to 11. This monster is classified as a large monster and as such the dragon halberd special attack hits it twice. Fire giants are also popular for their common Fire rune drops, up to 150 at a time.



Locations comparison

A fire giant.

The Waterfall Dungeon is the ideal area to range or mage Fire Giants. You must have completed some of the Waterfall Quest to enter this dungeon, and you must have Glarial's amulet in your inventory when entering the waterfall as well as a rope to access the entrance. Most fire giants in the Waterfall Dungeon appear in the centre room. While the fire giants are aggressive it is best to stand by the large door in the southern part of the room, on the eastern tile. Once the fire giants stop auto-attacking you, you are free to roam the room and range or mage across the table. You will need to perform this process again if you are teleported by a random event.

For the western part of the dungeon there are fewer spawns but arguably better safespots. One of them is to go to the northern side of the room next to the door. With the passage so narrow it is impossible for them to attack you; however, certain Fire Giants attacked from this spot may become unaggressive whilst being attacked, and wander away, meaning you have to move to continue killing it - leaving you vulnerable to other giants or the one you are killing (when it begins to attack you again). Another one is between the chair and the rock. Yet another is between the rock and the walls (both sides). There may be a shadow spider there so you may have to wait for them to become tolerant.

It is possible for rangers and mages to stay in this area for an extended period of time. Bring plenty of nature runes to high level alchemy items such as the mithril square shield, fire battlestaff etc. Bring a chisel to cut gems and make bolt tips, and clean herbs before you drop them (for experience in Crafting and Herblore). It is possible to deposit items in your bank when you get a random event with a bank deposit box.

Fire Giants can also be found in three places inside the Chaos Tunnels. The first location is just west of the Giant rock crabs. These rock crabs are accessible through the tunnel entrance rift northeast of Edgeville(marked #2 on the Chaos Tunnels map) and by using the west portal in this room, a player can reach a group of Fire Giants. A second group is located directly north of the Giant rock crabs, but these Fire Giants cannot be reached easily through this room. The shortest route to these is to use the north-west rift entrance (marked #4 on the Chaos Tunnels map). This entrance leads to a cave with Moss giants, where it is possible to use the southern portal to get to the Fire giants. The last group of Fire Giants is the hardest to get to(and the easiest way goes through a room with Fire Giants) so it is not commonly used. A method to fight fire giants in the Chaos Tunnels is to bring high defensive armour such as Barrows, although many players bring Guthans for its healing abilities. Besides bringing high defensive armour such as Guthans, try to bring a healing familiar, such as a bunyip( 68 Summoning required). Finally, try bringing a high hitting weapon such a Godsword, Saradomin Sword or Abyssal Whip

Another strategy, if you want to kill Fire giants for a long time, is to use Bones to Peaches (tablets, if you haven't learnt the spell) to turn the Big bones they drop to peaches for food.

The Fire giants in the Desert treasure Smoke Dungeon are almost always empty but very difficult to safe spot (until they become tolerant of you), making them a great choice to melee if you do not mind using a Slayer helm, Face mask, or Masked Earmuffs. Note this location can only be used after you reach a certain point in Desert Treasure and/or Smoking Kills.



100% drop



Ranged Equipment





Charm drop percentages
No Charm


56 - 58%

5 - 6%

5 - 6%

1 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 7,206 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)



  • Before the graphical updates, the Fire Giants' weapon was often thought to be a Dragon 2h sword. This was before Dragon 2hs were released in the game, so this similarity was noted by many players. One player even asked in the third Postbag from the Hedge:
Hi i would like to ask the Fire Giant a question. Why is it that you get the only dragon two hander in the game, and you dont even drop it.....
— Jabbaz[1]

The reply was:

If you had the only dragon two-hander in the game, would you drop it?
— Fire Giant
  • Fire Giants are renowned for dropping large amounts of Gold Charms, dropping one for almost every two kills.
  • If the giant is wielding a sword, it won't hit you with the sharp edge, but rather hit you with the blunt side.
  • Fire Giants seem to be affected by the Zanik's crossbow special.
  • Oddly, when a Fire Giant is killed in HD, their heads will shrink and vanish as they fall over and die.


  1. ^ Jabbaz, Jagex. Issue 41. Postbags from the Hedge.

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