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For the fire altar in Mort'ton, see Temple of Mort'ton

Fire Altar Location
The Fire Altar.
The Fire altar while playing The Great Orb Project.

The Fire altar is used to craft Fire runes, and is located north of the Duel Arena near Al-Kharid. To access it, you must either use a fire talisman, Elemental talisman, or an Omni-talisman on the mysterious ruins or be wearing a fire tiara or Omni-tiara and click on it.

When you are inside the altar, click on the altar and select "craft-rune altar" or use essence with the altar. All the essence in your inventory will be converted to fire runes. The closest bank from the altar is in the Duel Arena.

The main music track Quest can be unlocked here.

You may also use the fire altar to create a Fire tiara. Simply have a fire talisman and a normal tiara in your inventory, and then use it on the altar. (This may also be done at other altars to create tiaras associated with that altar. Just replace the fire talisman with the talisman associated with the altar you're visiting. This will consume the talisman afterwords.)

A quick way of crafting fire runes is to use several ring of duellings, then craft fire runes, then teleport to the Castle Wars or Fist of Guthix lobby, bank them, then teleport to the Duel Arena again, craft, and repeat.

It is possible to make Steam runes, Smoke runes, and Lava runes while at this altar, at a mid success rate (except when wearing a Binding necklace). To make these, you require one set of elemental runes, a stack of pure essence and 2 talismans.

Note: Making combination runes will consume the talisman.

Note: Creating multiple runes requires a stack of elemental runes.
Combination runes made at the fire altar
Finished product Materials
Combination rune Elemental runes Talismans Essence
Steam runes Water runes Water talismanFire talisman Pure essence
Smoke runes Air runes Air talismanFire talisman Pure essence
Lava runes Earth runes Earth talismanFire talisman Pure essence

If you equip a Binding necklace your success rate when binding runes like these will increase to 100%, giving you the ability to make as many binded runes as the number of Rune essence and whatever elemental runes you have with you. It has a total of 15 uses before it is broken.

Example: If you use 20 essence to make some steam runes, and then empty your rune pouches to make another more, you will use 2 charges of your necklace.


  • It is interesting to note that the fires burning near the altar have their own examine: "Burn Me!"
  • There are dead trees in the altar, however a player cannot cut them, only examine them
  • If the theory is true, that the inside of an altar is the past of the altar outside, the northern Kharidian Desert would be a volcanic area, however, there are no history records of this.
  • When using the Orb of Oculus, if you move the camera far south and rotate is, then you can see a bit of a green forest.

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