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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

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A player uses Fire Wave.
Fire Wave
File:Fire Wave icon.png
Members only? Yes
Level 75
Runes 7 Fire
5 Air
1 Blood
Spellbook Normal
Experience 42.5
Quest None
Lectern None

Fire Wave is a members- only spell that requires 75 Magic and can do a maximum of 20 damage per spell. It's maximum damage can be further increased to 22 if using with a special staff (i.e Ancients). In addition to this, if used with extreme magic potion or Wolpertinger special attack, it's maximum damage is 26. Also, this is the second most powerful fire spell, only beaten by Fire Surge.

Most enemies related to water and ice (except Waterfiends) are vulnerable to Fire Wave.

This spell is also used by players with 92 Smithing and all three parts of a broken dragon platebody to reignite the forge in the Ancient Cavern.

Fire Wave costs 403 coins for each cast, but if the player is using a Staff of fire, it costs 368 coins. If using a Staff of air, it costs 343 coins.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if you are using regular Magic.


  • The spell Iban Blast uses the same sounds as Fire Wave.
  • The TzTok-Jad's magic attack also uses the "hitting" sound of Fire Wave.
  • This used to be the most powerful elemental spell in the standard spellbook before it was surpassed by the Surge spells.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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This spell is in the Attack Spells class and has History
Image:Fire Wave.gif

Fire Wave

Spell Class: Instant Attack Spells (Fire Damage)
Spell Words: exevo flam hur
Exp Level: 18+
Premium: no
Used by: Sorcerers
(requires 25 mana)
Spell cost: 850 gp.
Buy spell from: Ankrahmun,
Lea (Carlin),
Shalmar (Darashia),
Etzel (Kazordoon),
Liberty Bay,
Port Hope,
Muriel (Thais),
Effect: Image:Burned Icon.gif Shoots a fire attack in the shape of a cone in the direction the caster is looking.

Image:Fire wave1(after winter update 2007).gif‎

Notes: A useful spell because it has a big range of attack, even though it is quite weak, it can be spammed because of the low mana requirements. It causes approximately half the damage of a Great Fireball rune.

See: Complete list of spells.
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This article uses material from the "Fire Wave" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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