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Final Fantasy II Boss
Fire Gigas
File:FFII Fire Giant psp.png‎
Japanese ファイアギガース
Romaji Faiagigāsu
NES Name Fire Gigas
NES DSOP Name R.Giant
PS Name Fire Gigas
GBA Name Fire Gigas
PSP Name Fire Gigas

The Fire Gigas is a monster from Final Fantasy II. It serves as one of the bosses in the Mysidian Tower, guarding the spell Ultima. Firion and his allies must defeat it on their way up the tower. It later appears as a random encounter in Pandaemonium's secret room.


Fire Gigas, as the first of three similar creatures encountered as the party ascends the Mysidian Tower, is the easiest boss fight of the dungeon. However, that is no reason to not take the fight seriously. Fire Gigas, despite being categorized elementally, still prefers physical bombardment to magical assaults. It has the capability to cast Fire 16 on the party, and may occasionally single out one character to cast Boulders 9 on, but your main concern will be his constant physical attacks.

Cast Blink on your party as soon as the fight begins, and use Protect if you wish to further shield your party. Keep your mages busy by curing the wounded and casting Blizzard on the beast. The Fire Gigas is weak to the Sleep spell, so cast it on him to gain a few rounds of peace. Equip an Ogrekiller to maximize damage from physical blows, or Ice-type weaponry to exploit his elemental weakness. If you do not have any of these weapons, the fight will go on longer, but victory should still be attainable as long as you can keep everyone healthy.

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