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The Fire Crystal in the Anniversary version of Final Fantasy.

The Fire Crystal is a recurring plot element in the Final Fantasy series. It is one of the four elemental Crystals. It holds the energy of Fire, one of the prime elements. It is associated with the power of flames, volcanoes, and heat, and thus, is found in areas close to these.




Final Fantasy

The Fire Crystal at Mt. Gulg.

The Fire Crystal can be found in Mt. Gulg in the original Final Fantasy and it is the second crystal visited by the Warriors of Light. Beginning from Lich's defeat by the Warriors of Light, Marilith begun to drain its power, burning everything on the path she took while searching for the crystal. After she is defeated at Mt. Gulg, the Fire Crystal is restored to its original shine.

Final Fantasy III

The Fire Crystal at the Molten Cave.

The Fire Crystal can be found in the Molten Cave near the Dwarven Hollows in Final Fantasy III and it is the second crystal visited by the Warriors of Light. After Gutsco the Rougue steals the two Horns of Ice, he heads to the Molten Cave so as to obtain the power of the Fire Crystal. The Warriors of Light follow Gutsco to the castle and witness his transformation in Salamander, which they defeat. After the battle, the Fire Crystal grants the Warriors the Ranger, Knight, Geomancer, and Scholar Jobs (although the Thief Job is given as well in the NES version).

A Dark Fire Crystal exists as well to counter the Fire Crystal, in the World of Darkness. It is kept by the Two Headed Dragon.

Final Fantasy IV

The Fire Crystal is kept by the desert kingdom of Damcyan, and is stolen by Baron as soon as Golbez takes the position of captain of the Red Wings. This results on the destruction of the kingdom. This is the second crystal to be stolen.

Final Fantasy V

The Fire Crystal at the basement of Karnak Castle.

The Fire Crystal is kept by the kingdom of Karnak, and used by the population to enhance industrial production and to power the Fire-Powered Ship. It is the third crystal visited by the Warriors of Light. Along with the other crystals, it seals Exdeath on their planet. 30 years after Exdeath is sealed, a third meteor falls in the planet, near Karnak, and the Warriors of Light are able to reach the country. There, they are accused of being comrades of a werewolf, who is actually an inhabitant of Quelb. The five all reached Karnak with the same purpose: to protect the crystal.

Unfortunately, even after reaching the Crystal Room via Fire-Powered Ship, the crystal is destroyed and the entire castle crumbles alongside it. For some reason, the ship is physically connected to the castle, yet at the same time is not. The party is then given the Ninja, the Geomancer, and the Beastmaster Jobs.

In the epilogue, the Fire Crystal is stored in the Great Sea Trench.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

The Crystal of Fire is located in the Lava Dome near Fireburg and is the third crystal visited by Benjamin. It is corrupted by the Dualhead Hydra. When restored by Benjamin and Reuben, the Volcano erupts and opens a way to the Focus Tower.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

The Crystal of Fire is located at the end of the Guardian of the Flame dungeon, deep within the Fuego Mines. This is the first Crystal Rafaello visits, which matures him from an infant into a young boy. It is guarded by Phoenix and the Sage of Fire. Apart from this, the Crystal serves no role in the game.

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