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The Fire Cavern, home of GF Ifrit
"A cavern near Balamb Garden where a Fire element GF lives."
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The Fire Cavern is a location in Final Fantasy VIII. Located east of Balamb, the cavern is home to numerous fire-elemental monsters and serves as the home for the fire Guardian Force, Ifrit.

Balamb Garden uses the cavern as a testing ground for its students to see if they're ready for the SeeD exams.




Cavern Entrance
Cavern Entrance

Upon approach the cavern entrance will be guarded by two faculty of Balamb Garden. The faculty are there to ensure the visitor has authorisation and, if during a prerequisite exam, has the necessary preparations completed and another faculty, such as a teacher, to assist them during the time within the cavern.

Fire Cavern Depths
Cavern Depths

The internal environment of the fire cavern is what one would expect from such a name. The cavern is filled with magma, with only a small path in which to travel across, and fire-elemental monsters only. There is even a Fire draw point in the depths.

  • Draw Points - Fire

Ifrit's Dwelling
Ifrit's Dwelling

Located at the very back of the cavern, at the end of the pathway, is the 'lava pond' where Ifrit dwells. Upon approach he will awaken and emerge from underneath the magma, ready to face whatever the challenger has to offer.

  • Guardian Forces - Ifrit


The cavern is situated to the east of Balamb Garden and on the hem of the Gaulg Mountains overlooking the Albatross Archipelago.

Musical Themes

"Find Your Way"
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The Fire Cavern's theme is "Find Your Way", which is the standard dungeon music shared by other places in the game.


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