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This is one of the Field Runes. Fire Bomb
It can only be used with level 27 and magic level 5 or higher.

Item Class: Field Runes (Fire Damage)
Incantation: adevo mas flam
Weight: 1.20 oz.
Used by: Any player with Magic Level 5+ and Level 27+
Made by: Druids, Sorcerers. (27)
Premium: no
Mana: 600
Soul Points: 4
Buy spell from: Elathriel (Ab'Dendriel),

Rahkem (Ankrahmun),
Padreia (Carlin),
Shalmar (Darashia),
Charlotta (Liberty Bay),
Marvik (Thais),
Smiley (Venore),

Tamara (Yalahar).
Buy made runes from: Fenech (Ankrahmun),
Asima (Darashia),
Frans (Venore),
Rachel (Carlin),
Shiriel (Ab'Dendriel),
Sigurd (Kazordoon),
Tandros (Port Hope),
Xodet (Thais),
Frederik (Liberty Bay),
Romir (Svargrond),
Chuckles (Yalahar)
Spell cost: 1500 gp. Rune cost: 235 gp.
(4700 gp per backpack)
(4,700 gp to players)
Effect: Image:Burned Icon.gif Creates a 3x3 square of Fire Fields.
Notes: This spell is an upgrade of Fire Field. On PvP worlds, this spell is useful for trapping players during battle, though it allows for low-level characters to suicide and give unjusts to unsuspecting combatants. The first stage of the fire field lasts 3:20; the second stage lasts for 2:28; the last stage (that does not block a monster) lasts 1:38. Total time that a fire field will block a monster is 5:48. If you play in Non-PvP worlds, you can use the Fire Bomb like Destroy field runes, because the fields disappear in 3 seconds and clean the fields that were there before. One of the best ways to trap and kill afk botters is to shoot the firebomb directly at them, then they can't move for almost 6 minutes. Also good if you are a lower level than the botter and to test if he has attack player on.

See: Complete list of runes.
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