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Dr Who

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Fire is energy produced by oxidation.

The earliest splinter of Scaroth showed mankind how to make fire. (DW: City of Death)

By roughly 100,000 BC, fire had become a precious commodity, as relatively few humans knew how to recreate it once it was snuffed out; in some tribes this knowledge was held only by a select few. The Doctor and his companions Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Susan Foreman encountered a tribe looking for this knowledged; Chesterton ultimately showed Za, a tribal leader whose predecessor was unable to give him the secret before dying, how to make fire. (DW: An Unearthly Child)

The Doctor accidentally inspired Nero to start the Great Fire of Rome in 64. (DW: The Romans)

The Doctor also accidentally started the Great Fire of London in 1666. (DW: The Visitation)

The Doctor saw an alternate Earth consumed by fire. (DW: Inferno) This memory was used against him by a mind parasite. (DW: The Mind of Evil)

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DC Comics

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Beatriz Bonilla da Costa had originally been bequeathed with her powers due to Brazilian mysticism and was the President of Wayne Enterprises' Brazilian Branch. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, her history was altered so that she had followed an unusual career path, starting as an amateur model on the beaches of Rio, then becoming a showgirl and stage performer before finding herself serving as an undercover secret agent for the Brazilian government. In the course of one of her missions, she was exposed to the accident which granted her super-human powers, prompting her to assume the identity of the Green Fury, Green Flame and Fire' Now a Black Knight of Checkmate The Image is Fire as seen in most currently published DC comic books.


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Other Media


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Dofus Wiki

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From Dofus

For the item water, see water (item).
For the alignment neutral, see alignment.

There are five elements, each linked to a characteristic. Most damage sources are elemental.


  • Healing, although it is not an element, is often associated with the elements: like Fire, it is linked to Intelligence; and there are a number of items which have a healing stat.

Physical and Magical

There used to be only two elements in the game: Physical and Magical. This simpler concept still resonates in the game, especially when it comes to Reductions. Physical means any effect where the source is a neutral or earth element, Magical means any effect where the source is a fire, water or wind element.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Fire may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki


Fire damage is a sub-damage type of elemental damage.

Related equipment

Weapons that cause fire damage

Equipment that protects from fire damage

Related skills

These skills cause fire damage:

These skills involve fire damage in other ways:

Effect of fire damage to creatures

The following creatures are known to have a natural resistance to fire damage:

All Plants are vulnerable to fire, including:

In addition, the following creatures are known to have reduced resistance to fire damage:

Damage types
Physical damage: Blunt damageSlashing damagePiercing damage
Elemental damage: Cold damageEarth damageFire damageLightning damage
Others: Chaos damageDark damageHoly damageShadow damage
Facts about Fire damageRDF feed

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Fire is a damaging component of Grand Theft Auto games, designed to inflict a constant amount of damage on anyone or anything for a period of time. Introduced in the original game, fire has long been utilized as a weapon in game via the flamethrower and Molotov cocktails, which were both introduced in Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto 2, respectively.



Fire in the Grand Theft Auto series has changed over time as the game engine is improved or recreated repeatedly.

GTA 1 — GTA 2

GTA 1 initially programmed fire for use in its flamethrower, the only flame-based weapon in the game. The flames of the weapon were primarily effective in setting people alight in short range; even if briefly in contact with its flame, the person remain on fire for a period of time, losing a portion of or all of their health; feeding more fire to the person will result in a quicker death. Vehicles, however, are less likely to remain on fire when out of the flame's way. The player will constantly have to fire the flamethrower onto a vehicle until it explodes and is destroyed.

GTA 2 carried over GTA 1's fire mechanics, while introducing Molotov cocktails as a new fire-based weapon. The Molotov cocktail, which functions the same way as GTA 2's grenade, generates an explosion and a ball of fire, but behaves more like a small-scale explosive that does not inflict long lasting fire damage. Fire is also introduced as a clear indication of a vehicle's imminent destruction; as a vehicle is progressively damaged, a small flame will emerge from the vehicle and grow until the entire vehicle explodes when totally destroyed (killing any occupant inside).

GTA III — GTA Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto III retools the effects of fire with devastating results. Upon impact after being tossed, a molotov cocktail generates a ring of fire in its vicinity, torching anything within it, and leaving a temporarily lingering blaze in the center. In addition, fire may now continuously burn a vehicle, and the player themselves may also be burned if in contact of a flame. The flamethrower, however, functions similar as before. The concept of severely damaged vehicles in flames was also brought over to GTA III, but is used simply to indicate a vehicle is completely damaged and is on the verge of exploding. The system remains in games where the GTA III engine is recycled, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, which are based on GTA Vice City's engine.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas modified and extended the fire's presence in game. Explosions of any form may generate fire in its surrounding, and fire has the ability to grow, spread and die out. If the player lingers around the fire it will continue to grow, it does not simply burn out.


Grand Theft Auto IV adopts more realism in the manner fire behaves. The flamethrower was dropped while Molotov cocktails are retained. Fire may still inflict injury on a person, but the fire deducts a random amount of damage as the victim may attempt put out the flames by using the "stop, drop and roll" technique instead of simply running around in previous games. Fire is still an indication of a vehicle's soon-to-be destruction as the engine may erupt in flame, but fire from the gas tank(s) of the vehicle is the game's final sign of a vehicle's imminent explosion. Fire may also destroy a vehicle's tires, burning them before they explode and expose the rims. When a vehicle explodes fire will burn out of it and the player will be instantly set on fire if he steps in it, however small ground fires caused by Molotov Cocktails will not burn the player instantly like in previous games. Instead the player must stand in the small fire for a few seconds before catching alight. Unlike in previous games, fire does not spread as easily and will stop burning after a while.

Fighting fire

Since GTA 2, various methods were invented to allow the player to overcome fire, be it on themselves or others.

The most apparent addition is the ability for the Fire Truck's water cannon to extinguish fires in GTA III. When aimed correctly, fire may be put out with water as white smoke or vapors emerge; this system has remain unchanged since. Aside the Fire Truck, the SWAT Tank in GTA San Andreas comes mounted with a similar water cannon that is capable of putting out fires in the same manner.

Another fire fighting tool is the Fire Extinguisher in GTA San Andreas, which allows the player to extinguish small groups of fire when aimed directly at them. Due to its use, the extinguisher may be utilized in two of the game's missions, Burning Desire and End of the Line, when the player may be required to clear paths in burning buildings.

In GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories, the player may also be awarded invulnerability to fire by completing specific levels in the Firefighter side missions. This allows the player to burn without losing their health.

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From Lostpedia

Several fires have been noted on the beach in Lost, aside from controlled campfires and signal fires.


"...In Translation"

In this episode, the raft that Michael has been so painstakingly building is intentionally set on fire by an initially unknown perpetrator. People start to look to one another suspiciously, and Michael quickly accuses Jin of setting it, as it is known that he didn't like him (a misunderstanding over the Rolex watch led to Jin attacking Michael). Sawyer even binds and threatens Jin, believing him to be the raft-burner. Eventually, Sun manages to convince Michael that Jin is not the arsonist. Walt admits to Locke, and later Michael, that he set the fire, because he did not want to leave the island.

"Fire + Water"

The fire that Charlie set.

On Day 53, Charlie wanted to steal Claire's baby Aaron in order to baptise him, because Charlie thought Aaron was in danger. At first, a mysterious figure gathered wood and lit a match. We then saw Charlie walking towards the camp, past Sayid. At the time, the viewer did not know for sure it was Charlie who set the fire.

Sayid spotted it and took control, and ran shouting through the camp: "Fire! Fire! Grab tools, containers for sand, anything you have. If we don't stop it now, it will burn right through the camp." At the scene, he told them "We need to cut the fire break right here. Form a bucket line." Locke, who would normally have been in the Swan, told Claire to stay with the baby, and ordered some people to go down to the water. Sawyer was flapping at the fire, and Jin was seen helping.

Charlie later admitted to Jack that he caused the fire, however Jack said he already knew.

"The Cost of Living"

A mysterious fire starts up in one of the tents, while Charlie is tending to an injured and delirious Eko. It distracts him long enough to look away, and when he and Locke return, Eko is nowhere to be found. It is never revealed how this fire started, although a vision of Yemi appears before Eko in the tent holding a lit Zippo lighter.

"The Lie"

Neil "Frogurt" got into a heated argument amongst a group of survivors over making fire, which he claimed was futile. He was then struck by a flaming arrow shot by an unseen Other, which launched the beach camp attack. Neil stumbled around for several moments, screaming in agony before being felled by another volley of flaming arrows. This attack occurred during the third time shift by those who had remained on the Island, which had taken them back to the year 1954.


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Chilland pour into shot glass

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The Bartending School

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article refers to a fire used by lighting logs. For other uses, see Fire (disambiguation).
A fire.
A fire is simply a small pile of burning logs lit on fire using the Firemaking skill. To make a fire, players need logs, which can be obtained through the Woodcutting skill, by cutting trees. The logs can then be lit on fire using a tinderbox. Tinderboxes are usually sold in general stores for 1 coin. Uncooked foods can be cooked on fires. Some foods can only be cooked on a range; for example, a potato always burns when cooked on a fire. Players can turn cooked meat into burnt meat by using it once again on the fire. 


To light logs, players just need to use a tinderbox with logs, which can be in their inventory or lying on the ground. However, in RuneScape Classic a player could only light the logs whilst on the ground. Another way is to right-click the logs and select the 'light logs' option. If the player uses a Gnomish firelighter with the logs before lighting it, they can make coloured flames, which will be the same colour as the firelighter used.

A log can also be lit by most bows after finishing the firemaking section of Barbarian Training.

After lighting a fire, players automatically walk one step to the west. If the way is blocked, they will instead take one step east. If both ways are blocked, players will go south. If all three other ways are blocked, players will step to the north. A fire cannot be lit everywhere; you will not be able to make a fire inside most buildings, on top of another fire, or when standing on objects such as ferns or flowers. A fire cannot be lit in front of a closed door; but can be lit in front of an open door.

If players light one fire and have a clear path to the west for more fires, they can immediately light the next fire by using a tinderbox with the logs just after they finished lighting the first log. This way the fire will start burning before the player even attempts to light it. This is a much faster way to burn logs that burning each one separately. This method of burning logs is called power firemaking.


  • It is possible to stand, or rest on a fire in RuneScape. This is possibly allowed because if players are not able to step on a fire, then other players could block doorways.
  • It is also possible to cook while standing on a fire without a fire in front of the player.
  • There are a few log-less fires in the fire altar. However, they cannot be cooked on.
  • There is an endless fire in the goblin's village, the pub in Barbarian's village and Rogue's Den. They can be cooked on.
  • It is possible to light several fires to form almost any shape or letter.
  • Strangely enough, the fire has 5 logs when burning, but one set of logs consists only of 3 logs.
  • In the fire alter if you examine one of the fires it says "Burn me!" If you examine any other fire outside of the alter it says "Hot!"
  • Strangely, whenever you light logs into a fire, the logs always turn brown, like normal logs, despite the different colours.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Production information

Keeper's world


The Keeper

Technical specifications

Masculine programming

Sensor color


Chronological and political information

Rebellion era

Fire was one of the four children of the Keeper. He had the ability to control fire. During the Battle of the Keeper's world, he assisted Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 escape from stormtroopers.

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From TibiaWiki

See also:

Fire Damage and Burning
This Object is in the Fields class.
Object Class: Fields
Attributes: Not movable.
Walking Time: Not walkable.
Location: Can be found anywhere outside of Protection Zones, but more likely to be found in hot places.
Notes: Fire is one of the raw elements that formed when the goddess, Tibiasula, died and was formed into the world. The Pyromancers, sons and daughters of fire, are Dwarves who worship the fire element.
Stepping on these will burn you causing 20 Points of Damage and then following with 10 Damage/turn until the burn wears off.
See also: Objects.
Add historical information about this object.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

This article is about the Japanese Micromaster. For the American character derived from the same toy, see Red Hot.
Fire is an Autobot from the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Where there's smoke there's him! Wait... no, that's someone else.

As a member of the Rescue Patrol Team, Fire's function is to rescue bystanders, not engage in battle. Yet the burning justice within his heart drives him to fight, anyway. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with Jean and ridiculing his subgroup's leader, Holi.

English-Malay dub name: Red Hot



Victory cartoon

Voice actor': ? (Japan)



  • Rocket Base (Micromaster base, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-330
The Micromaster Rocket Base set (the Takara release of Countdown's base) included Fire and the other members of the Rescue Patrol, as well as Countdown's Japanese counterpart, Moonradar.
  • Rescue Patrol Team (Micromaster Patrol 4-pack, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-331
Fire transforms into a red fire engine. He was sold as part of the Rescue Patrol Team, along with Boater, Holi, and Pīpō.
This toy is identical to Red Hot.


Block Town

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You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Fire
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Normal Image:Normal.png
Card Lore: Decrease the ATK and DEF of one face-up non-FIRE monster by 700 points.
Sets with this Card: Fantasy Memories - FYMS - EN007
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names

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