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Finn Galfridian
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New Jedi Order era[1]

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Luke Skywalker[1]

"You need to survive this. Your father was right. Your people need their leader."
―Luke Skywalker, to Finn Galfridian

Finn Galfridian was a Human male from the planet Artorias during the Yuuzhan Vong War in 25 ABY. He and his sister Kaye came from a royal background, as his father Caled and mother Nina were the rulers of Artorias. However, their peaceful existence was shattered when the Yuuzhan Vong, an aggressive race of extra-galactic invaders, attacked the planet. Finn fought in the defense of his homeworld, an effort which ultimately failed, although he was able to evacuate safely from Artorias due to the timely assistance of the Jedi Luke Skywalker. The rest of his family did not fare as well; his sister and mother were captured, while his father chose to remain on Artorias to lead a guerrilla resistance. During the battle, Finn demonstrated that he was Force-sensitive when he sensed his mother and sister being captured, and later became a member of the New Jedi Order under Skywalker's tutelage.




Battle of Artorias

"We're not going to evacuate. We can organize some of your friends from the war-- We're going to fight, right? There's not that many of them."
―Finn, to his father during the Invasion of Artorias
Finn Galfridian fought boredom on Artorias before the invasion.

Life on Artorias was idyllic prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion in 25 ABY; the royal family could walk unmolested through the marketplace, and the planet did not even possess a defense force. Finn Galfridian, however, chafed under this peaceful existence, and spent his spare time taking physical risks under the supervision of his droid Prowl to alleviate his boredom. It was just after one of his exercises when the Yuuzhan Vong, an aggressive race of extra-galactic invaders, assaulted the planet. The Yuuzhan Vong had recently attacked the galaxy, destroying the planet of Sernpidal in the process.[2] They had already infiltrated Artorias with their spies, hampering efforts to warn the planet of the invasion fleet.

Finn and his father Caled, the king of Artorias, rushed to the marketplace to rescue Finn's mother Nina and sister Kaye. In the meantime, Kaye and her mother Nina were captured by the invaders, although Kaye was able to kill one of the warriors in the process. Caled and Finn were unable to reach their family, and in the face of Yuuzhan Vong reinforcements, the king ordered the populace to evacuate to the shipyards. Although the two Galfridians and the evacuees were able to reach the hangar, the Yuuzhan Vong kept the building under siege. The refugees were unable to escape on the ships in the hangar since they had been sabotaged by a Yuuzhan Vong agent. Caled and Finn prepared themselves for the impending assault, but were rescued by the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who had killed the besiegers.[1]

Skywalker offered to evacuate everyone in the hangar, but Caled personally refused to come along; citing his responsibility to the defense of his kingdom, he organized a strike team to attack the invaders. When Finn demanded to come along with the attack force, his father informed him that he now had to lead the Artorian people. As the refugees piled onto Republic evacuation ships, Finn protested to Skywalker that he had no idea how to lead, but Skywalker assured him that if he pretended to know what he was doing, the people would follow him. Finn also demonstrated his Force affinity to Skywalker when he sensed his mother and sister being herded toward a Yuuzhan Vong slaveship. This prompted the Jedi Master to ask Finn to come to his Jedi academy on Yavin 4, which Finn accepted. As the ships fled from Artorias, Finn knew there was no going back.[1]

Training on Yavin 4

"Finn's training will not be rushed. I feel he has a role to play in what is to come. He must be allowed to reach his full potential."
―Luke Skywalker
Finn follows the Jedi path.

While on Yavin 4, Finn began his training under the watchful eye of Master Skywalker. Four Jedi PadawansLowbacca, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo—took pity on him and offered to let him train with them. Despite some initial awkwardness around Jaina, Finn quickly showed his mettle in a practice duel with her. Jaina warned Finn of the dangers of hatred and of falling to the dark side of the Force after he expressed his worry and anger at fate of his planet and family. They were interrupted by Anakin Solo, who had heard a large noise issuing from a nearby cave. The Padawans went to investigate, and Finn ordered Prowl to scope out the cave while he monitored the droid's progress through his goggles, which could see through Prowl's photoreceptors.[3]

A large Tuk'ata ran out of the cave toward the frozen Finn. Jacen was able to comfort the maddened animal by treating a wound it had sustained, and the Sith hound returned to its cave. Finn admonished himself for freezing in the face of danger, and expressed further anger toward the Yuuzhan Vong, which worried Skywalker. The Jedi Master discussed the situation with fellow Masters Kyp Durron and Lar Le'Ung. After receiving news of a Yuuzhan Vong attack on the planet Rychel, Skywalker resolved to take Finn along, especially after Finn appeared before the Masters and showed them that he had lifted Skywalker's boulder.[3]

Battle of Rychel

―Finn Galfridian to Tsalok after sparing his life.
Finn Galfridian spares the life of Tsalok on Rychel.

Finn participated in the evacuation of Rychel's citizens. He and Master Le'Ung attempted to stop the fearsome Siege beasts Tu-Scart and Sgauru. Finn witnessed the death of Master Le'Ung by a Commander Tsalok. Finn then took up Master Le'Ung's fallen lightsaber. While the New Republic forces were retreating Finn noticed a small boy in a building and went to rescue him. After blasting two Chazrach Finn found the boy along with several others and while leading them out of the building was confronted by Tsalok. Finn attempted to hold off the warrior but during their duel Sqauru fell on the building, destroying it. Finn managed to save his life as well as the refugees by using the Force to suspend the debris. Finn guided the refugees to the evacuation ships than went back to Tsalok who was now trapped beneath the debris. Luke watching expected Finn to kill the warrior but to his surprise Finn cut away the debris and freed the warrior and told him to learn. Finn than evacuated the planet with Master Skywalker.[4]

Mission to Nar Shaddaa

"You want to put the blaster down."
"You want to practice your Jedi mind trick."
―Finn and Han Solo

After the battle Finn was sent by Master Skywalker to accompany Leia Solo, her children, and Lowbacca to obtain information from a smuggler on Nar Shaddaa. After exploring the planet a bit Finn went back to the Millennium Falcon to get his droid Prowl. Upon returning to the Falcon Finn sensed someone entering it. Finn drew his blaster intending to stop the intruder but wound up being caught. He attempted to use a Jedi mind trick on the intruder but it didn't work Finn turned around to confront the intruder who turned out to be Han Solo. Leia came back and admonished Han for his treatment of Finn. After Finn left Han and Leia discussed the mission to buy information about Yuuzhan Vong spies in the galaxy and also about how Han should forgive Anakin for Chewbacca's death. Finn came back after this to say that he had heard everything they said because Prowl was in the room with him and Finn and Prowl have a connection through his goggles. Finn told Han that he should forgive Anakin and that he believed his father was dead. Han then decided that Finn and Prowl would be perfect to covertly find out the information they needed.

Personality and traits

Caled: "I know you like risks, but couldn't you find a risk that wasn't so…risky?"
Finn: "You were in the battle of Hoth, Dad. You didn't take risks?"
Caled: "I was fighting a war, Finn."
Finn: "Well, I'm fighting boredom."
―Caled and Finn

Despite his royal background, Finn Galfridian was bored with life on Artorias and utilized his natural Force ability to take risks to combat his boredom. Although Finn was confident with his physical abilities, he became unsure of his leadership qualities when he was forced to assume leadership over the citizens of Artorias, confiding to Skywalker that he was in over his head and wasn't ready to take responsibility. However, Finn was very loyal to his family and was willing to put himself in danger to see them to safety, wishing to join his father's strike force but staying on Artorias to rescue his captured mother and sister.[1]

While training on Yavin 4, Finn developed a crush on his fellow Padawan, Jaina Solo. Although tongue-tied and awkward at first, he warmed up to her and told her of his experiences fighting the Yuuzhan Vong. Finn was greatly affected by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of his planet and capture of his family, expressing that he could not set aside his thoughts of their fates, and of the Yuuzhan Vong. He later froze when confronted by a maddened Tuk'ata, and although Skywalker tried to comfort him, he felt ashamed of himself. He was quick to point out that he would not have hesitated to fight if the enemy had been a Yuuzhan Vong.[3]

During the battle of Rychel Finn had the opportunity to kill the Yuuzhan Vong commander who killed Master Le'Ung but instead freed him from the debris that trapped him, shocking Luke who expected Galfridian to kill the helpless warrior. Later Luke would describe Finn as having pieces missing from him.[4]

Powers and abilities

"Properly harnessed, he could be a great weapon against the Yuuzhan Vong."
―Kyp Durron
Finn, using the Force to lift a rock

Finn was very athletic, performing such feats as standing on one hand for extended periods of time on a narrow ledge and performing acrobatic jumps. Later, while escaping Artorias with Skywalker, Finn was able to sense his frightened sister and mother through the Force as they were being hauled off into captivity, demonstrating to the Jedi Master that the young prince was Force-sensitive. While training on Yavin 4, Finn gained experience and grew more confident during his stay in the Jedi Praxeum. Finn was a quick learner of telekinesis; by the time he left Yavin 4 for the planet Rychel, Finn was able to lift both a small rock and a giant boulder with the Force.[3] Finn also showed aptitude with fixing mechanical devices. His father Caled ordered him and his droid Prowl to fix the sabotaged ships during the battle of Artorias.[1] During the battle of Rychel Finn was capable enough with a lightsaber to hold off the powerful Yuuzhan Vong commander Tsalok. Later after the building he was in was destroyed he used the Force to prevent the debris from crushing him and Rychel refugees.[1] Later on Nar Shaddaa Finn was able to use the Force to sense an intruder entering the Millennium Falcon, however as noted by Han Solo, Finn still had to work on his Jedi Mind tricks.

Behind the scenes

Finn Galfridian was created by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Colin Wilson for the Star Wars: Invasion comic series.[5] The comic series features the Galfridian family as they become separated during the Yuuzhan Vong War. In Star Wars Invasion 1: Refugees, Part 1, Finn is revealed to be the Prince of Artorias.[1]


  • Star Wars Invasion: Refugees (First appearance)

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