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Finis Valorum
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21 BBY (14:9:19), Coruscant

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1.7 meters[1]

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White[1] (formerly blond)

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Rise of the Empire era

"Do you know why Valorum loves to attend the opera?... Because it's the only place on Coruscant where an entire audience will applaud him."
Orn Free Taa

Finis Valorum was the last democratic Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, holding office until Queen Padmé Amidala introduced a Vote of No Confidence against him in the Galactic Senate. He was subsequently replaced by his colleague, Senator Palpatine of Naboo. After a decade of retirement, Valorum was murdered in a terrorist attack on the Star of Iskin orchestrated by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.



Early life

Valorum came from an ancient and distinguished family. He was Senator of the Lytton Sector, a member of the Core faction of senators and Chancellor Kalpana's administration, and had been involved with negotiations to end the Stark Hyperspace War.


In 40 BBY, Valorum ran for the Chancellorship under the support of the Core faction of senators. Valorum was largely elected due to the recognition and influence of his family. His involvement as a negotiator in the Stark Hyperspace War was another factor that aided his election. He presumably also was helped by his accomplishments as an adviser to Kalpana.

Additionally, the Tarkin family helped elect him, in return for a promise that Ranulph Tarkin would be posthumously praised for his job in attempting to defeat the Stark Commercial Combine.

Despite the fact that many senators doubted Valorum's competency, he easily won re-election. This was very much due to the facts that his enemies considered him easily controllable and there were no real opposing candidates. However, many of those considering opposing Valorum considered backing Palpatine. Perhaps because of this, it was shortly after the election that Valorum and Palpatine began a friendship, with Palpatine becoming a de facto Vice-Chancellor.

Chancellor Valorum.

After the Incident at Dorvalla in 33 BBY, on the initiative of Senator Palpatine, Valorum suggested for the taxation of Free-Trade routes to make peace with the Nebula Front who had been terrorizing the Trade Federation. The Front did not think this would make any difference and attempted to murder the Chancellor. The terrorists made two assassination attempts, both of which were foiled by the Jedi.

Shortly afterwards, Palpatine secretly funneled several million credits, believed to have been stolen by the Nebula Front, through the Bank of Aargau, and into the accounts of the Valorum family. Palpatine's aide, Sate Pestage, ensured that the exchange was uncovered by Valorum's political enemy, Senator Orn Free Taa, who revealed it to the Internal Activities Committee, thus critically weakening the Chancellor's already tenuous hold on power.

Although Valorum denied the accusations and his supporters rallied to his side, his influence and reputation languished. Correctly thinking that he could be ousted from his charge in a near future, Valorum then decided to perform one last good deed while he could, and he gathered the Coruscant security forces to fight a subversive organization known as The Flail. The Flail, who believed the Senate was corrupt, had performed several attacks, disrupting public services with no care for the lives or property lost. The Flail's members dwindled thanks to Valorum's efforts, and the main leaders of the conspiracy died in a shooting with the police. Valorum publicly promised that the remnants of the Flail would be taken to justice before the following Senate conference, which prompted the new terrorist leader, Zegmon Pent, to send Valorum death threats and vainly assault his aide Sei Taria.[2]

During this time, Valorum had strengthened his ties with the Jedi, and he asked Jedi Master and Council member Mace Windu for advice. Windu and Valorum had deduced that The Flail would attack Valorum during his next public speech. Windu noticed that The Flail tended to flee when noticing a known member of the Senate Guard or the Council; he thus suggested Valorum to create a strike force of relatively unknown but well-recommended agents. Valorum agreed and, again with Windu's help, compiled some candidates and called them for a meeting. While Valorum and Windu were to meet this new secret police in person soon afterwards, Valorum himself was delayed and arrived shamefully late.[2]

Windu explained that the Flail would probably attack Valorum from the Weather Modulation Control Center and/or from the Air Traffic Control. The new team went to the Weather Center and fought with several anarchists who wanted to reprogram the weather and cause a threatening thunderstorm that could damage the buildings in the speech area. As soon as the combat was over, Valorum personally contacted them, to be know whether any of them had died or not and to offer his help. The Flail, including Pent himself, then tried to attack Valorum from the Air Traffic Control by sending a remote-piloted vehicle to crash in the meeting area. While Valorum was giving his conference, his new agents ended with the threat of the Flail.[2]

The Naboo crisis

In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation made use of their battleships in a practically impenetrable blockade orbiting Naboo. It was a bold move for the usually cowardly Federation, triggering the Naboo crisis.

For the next month, the Senate debated fiercely, but did not act to aid the people of Naboo. The Federation's representative, Lott Dod, successfully argued his case: they had not violated any Republic laws; they had attacked no ships, nor had they moved against Naboo itself. And if no outright crime had been committed, the Judicial Department could not be sent. The stalling further weakened the Valorum administration; their defiance of his measures was in itself damaging to the Chancellor's already dwindling support.

Queen Amidala of Naboo contacted Valorum and held him personally responsible for the suffering on her world. Every day he delayed, she stated, he took bread out of the mouths of the starving children of Naboo. Pressed against the wall by his conscience, and desperate to shore up his crumbling support, he decided to act. He would call for a special session of the Senate to discuss the blockade, but to have a strong bargaining position, he needed the battleships sent home from Naboo. He would use the Jedi as ambassadors and send them to Naboo. Their presence would shake the Neimoidians' confidence and show them he meant business. But this came to nothing as the Federation occupied Naboo and detained Amidala. In a daring raid, she was rescued by the two Jedi Valorum had sent; Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Valorum met the Queen when she arrived on Coruscant to assure her that necessary steps were being taken to end the crisis.

Removal from office

"I will not defer. I have come before you to resolve this attack on our sovereignty now! I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee. If this body is not capable of action, I suggest new leadership is needed. I move for a Vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Valorum's leadership."
Queen Amidala
Palpatine and Queen Amidala just before calling for the Vote of No Confidence on Chancellor Finis Valorum.

The long-anticipated special session of the Senate—the last under the Valorum government—had only two items on its agenda: a hearing of the Naboo delegation's case, and a debate on the Trade Federation's continued opposition to BR-0371. Few expected it to be anything other than routine. Lott Dod, the Federation's representative, stalled the proceedings with every procedural tool at his command.

Dod and his allies threw up objection after objection; Amidala, unable to even finish her plea, grew more and more frustrated. Finally, Dod moved that a Senate committee be created to go to Naboo to determine if her "accusations" were valid, citing senatorial procedures that Amidala had no hope of understanding. Then, Mas Amedda—as expected—pulled Valorum aside, subtly forcing Valorum to concede that Dod was within his rights. "Enter the bureaucrats," Palpatine whispered into the queen's ear, "the true rulers of the Republic, and on the payroll of the Trade Federation, I might add. This is where Chancellor Valorum's strength will disappear." When Valorum turned back from Amedda and asked the queen if she would defer her motion to allow the committee to do its work, it was the last straw. She had seen with her own eyes that Palpatine had been right–Valorum was ineffective–and she had nowhere left to go. Amidala delivered the words that sealed Finis Valorum's fate.

Valorum was surprised by the motion, never anticipating the betrayal - events had moved past him. Senator Edcel Bar Gane of Roona seconded Amidala's motion, and the vote was on the floor. The Senate had waited for this for months, perhaps years, and so unpopular was Valorum that there was little resistance to the move to impeach him. The Senators erupted into a frenzied uproar, calling out, "Vote now! Vote now! Vote now!" All the Chancellor could do was to postpone the vote until the following day. When the Senate convened the following day to vote on the no confidence motion, the outcome was decisive. Valorum had few friends left, and the Senate so badly wanted him gone that they did not hesitate. Finis Valorum was swiftly voted out and with his political career in ruins, he was left to start his life over from scratch.


Finis Valorum, the day before his death.

After his resignation, Valorum spent the next two years in seclusion, waiting for the publics' distaste for him to wear off. He contributed where he could and received no thanks for his trouble. After he returned to public life, he spent his retirement working with the Refugee Relief Movement on worlds such as Alderaan. He also wrote an autobiography, Holding Back the Tide, released in 22 BBY. It was widely panned. He also became friends with Senator Bail Organa.

When he finally realized just what role his removal had played in Palpatine's grander scheme, Valorum made one last small attempt to hold back the avalanche, but by then it would be too little, too late.


Around 21 BBY, Finis Valorum reappeared in politics. Valorum had observed Palpatine's activities, both public and private, from a distance, especially how the Chancellor's opponents, like Ashgad, had a habit of disappearing. Possibly the Enforcement Act had been the last straw in a string of offenses which forced Valorum into action. But Palpatine had ears everywhere, even in custodial droids working in Bail Organa's residence at Cantham House, so when Valorum came to visit Organa there, it was not long before comments like this reached the Chancellor's desk:

"The Senate barters away fundamental rights upon which the Republic was built! You trust that the tyrant you are creating will give them back to you when the crisis is over? Palpatine will give back nothing! No one who seeks power the way that he does ever surrenders it willingly!… Palpatine will make sure that any individual or group that opposes him or is in his way is removed! Look what happened to King Veruna! Look what happened to me! I know it was Palpatine who had me framed. I was forced to resign as Chancellor so he could ascend to it! Just as I am certain he arranged for those pirates to attack your transport!… I have no more proof of that than I do that he masterminded my fall. If I did have it, Palpatine would be in chains this moment."
―Finis Valorum to Bail Organa

What Palpatine thought of Valorum's words is unknown, but they clearly buttressed Organa's courage, so the next morning he appeared at the Chancellor's Suite to insist that under no circumstances would he support the Enforcement Act, and that in fact he would oppose Palpatine on it. The Chancellor said nothing about it, but he did see fit to make to Organa one cryptic comment:

"Might I give you a small warning? It would not be wise for you to see Finis Valorum again. Dirt rubs off so easily, and can tarnish those who would otherwise seem clean."
―Palpatine to Bail Organa


The Star of Iskin explodes, killing Finis Valorum.

Valorum was murdered in a terrorist attack shortly after the Battle of Jabiim, when his freighter, Star of Iskin, exploded on takeoff. The attack was secretly orchestrated by Darth Sidious but publicly attributed to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, in an attempt to get rid of Valorum because he had been talking to Senator Organa about Palpatine's political maneuverings. In truth, apparently upon the machinations of Darth Sidious, Finis Valorum was murdered by Anzati assassin Saljé Tasha, upon the behest of the corrupt Senator Viento upon orders by Sora Bulq. This information would later be utilized by Quinlan Vos in his hunt for the Sith, though it would lead him to believe that Viento, and later Bulq, was the elusive "Second Sith" whom Dooku had mentioned to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Geonosis three years before.

The Finis Valorum Memorial was constructed on Coruscant to honor the last being who served as Chancellor before Palpatine's rise to power. Only 200 people attended the opening ceremony. Future generations, however, would look more kindly on him.

Personality and traits

Valorum came from an antediluvian line of distinguished aristocrats, two of whom having served as Chancellor in the past (one of them, Tarsus Valorum, being the first elected Chancellor for four hundred years prior to his administration that was not a Jedi). This background, ironically, worked against him, as many came to believe he had been elected solely by means of hereditary inheritance rather than by means of the electorate.

Valorum was the one who instituted the vogue amongst the Coruscanti elite of going to operas; it was joked amongst his political enemies that he enjoyed them because they were the only places where he could get any applause. He had a taste for exotic and expensive things, and his office during his Chancellorship was furnished with many antique and rare items.

Amidst all of his faults, however, he did have some redeeming graces. During the Naboo invasion, he was, as quoted by Queen Amidala, their "strongest supporter". He also called an emergency conference of the Senate to either relegate the Trade Federation's movements, or punish them outright. Unfortunately, his more avaricious wiles came into play during the conference when holding a private, though public, speaking with his Vice Chairman Mas Amedda and Staff Aide Sei Taria. During this time, Senator Palpatine revealed to Queen Amidala that the leadership of the Galactic Republic was also, aside from their substantial government stipends, on an additional payroll of none other than the Trade Federation. This revelation alone was proof enough of the Chancellor's corruption, which ultimately led to Amidala's plea for a Vote of No Confidence in place of Valorum. Taken off guard by this, the Supreme Chancellor could do little more than sit down in his seat and await the coming chaos. It was known only to Valorum and Palpatine whether or not Palpatine's revelation was truth, a fabrication, or a manipulative half truth, which may also lead others to see that Valorum was also a secretive individual as well.

Valorum was also known for his connections with various women. He had close ties with Jedi Master Adi Gallia; was rumored to be having an affair with his Staff Aide, Sei Taria, during his chancellorship; and after his retirement from politics, was sighted in the companionship of a "doe-eyed blonde number."

Behind the scenes

The last vestige of a once great lineage of Chancellors.
"I said, 'What's he like, the president of the universe?' And George Lucas said, 'He's a good man but he's beleaguered—a bit like [Bill] Clinton.' That was before Clinton was as beleaguered as he is now, of course."
Terence Stamp, in a 1998 interview with Star Wars Insider

Valorum was portrayed by actor Terence Stamp. In Latin, the name Finis Valorum means "end of values/principles"; the end for both his line and the Republic as they (House Valorum) knew it.

In the rough draft of Star Wars, Prince Valorum (a Knight of the Sith) was intended to be a dark, masked prince—a role similar to the Darth Vader known today, even to the extent of changing sides at the end of the film and siding with the heroes.



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